Survivor Series Roman possibly winning the title... You guys now cool with that?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by C.M. Shaddix, Oct 27, 2015.

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    Now that Roman's had some mid card status since Wrestlemania to improve a bit, and now we've had more exposure, you guys cool with Reign's winning now? His mic skills are in the works, and his ring skills are becoming of progress as I heard. What do you guys think? I'm cool with it now.
  2. Not yet. I want him to win at a bigger PPV as a heel.
  3. Yup. I'm fine with it. I'd rather see Reigns win the WWE-WHC at SS than having to go through yet another Royal Rumble Rebellion. So, do it. :bodallas:

    I want Reigns as a heel, too. And they could do that if his title win isn't well received.
    But, in case they don't want Reigns as the WWE-WHC yet, I'm spinning this idea of Ambrose possibly turning on Reigns.
    The pep talk Ambrose gave him in that backstage segment, to me, sounded like it could possibly trigger a heel turn at SS.
  4. Yeah I'm more just like "cool" like the title I put says. Better than Wresltemania too.
  5. He is not ready. It will just blow up in their faces and ruin his career. I am not okay with it. Not yet.
  6. Might as well give it to Taker. He's going to wrestle another 50 years anyway, so why not.
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  7. He is not Cena... I would say 20 years tops. Cena though... He has got another 50+ years in him.
  8. Honest opinion?... I just don't know. Haha
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  9. 20 years?? Are you all crazy?? The dude is like 52. He will wrestle for like 6 more years tops. I'll guarantee it, if that.
  10. As far as Roman is concerned, give him the belt... He's waited long enough, they're going to do it any way, and he's only gotten better. Just see how it plays out. Won't hurt. And I don't want another Roman rumble.
  11. John Cena is 38 years old. He has not even hit 40 yet. And as long as he doesn't get some real serious injuries he can keep working for a good while yet. Jerry Lawler still wrestles on the independents and does a fine job of it. Especially if John saunters down in the card and works with rookies once his time on top has passed.

    Here's another example of a wrestler working well into old age.
    This, is Masanobu Fuchi:
    He's 61 years old and still works actively for All Japan pro wrestling. 61 years old. He has adapted his style to fit his age and works more of a comedy based style than his old martial arts and high flying based style. But he still does work to this day.

    If John Cena wants to work until he is 60, he can.
  12. I'm kind of pulling for him to win the belt, honestly. They'll probably want to wait it out till Wrestlemania of course, since it's always a much bigger deal to win your first world championship there than it is at any other event (not to mention the 2016 Royal Rumble is in Reigns' home state of Florida, so they might be willing to take the risk that his victory won't be shit on as badly as it was this year if he wins it again), but I wouldn't mind them just going ahead and pulling the trigger on it now. Seth's title reign has run its course, and having Reigns choke for the fifth fucking time in a championship match isn't exactly the most ideal way of making him a big main event star.

    But go ahead and turn Ambrose by having him cost Reigns the title. Do it WWE, just so I can laugh at you once more when it ends up having the exact opposite effect of what you desire.
  13. He was referencing taker still doing 20 more years and Jon doing like 50
  14. twas a joke lol
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  15. I'd be down for Roman winning the title. I'm no huge Roman Reigns fan but at this point it will be interesting just to see WWE shake things up. I feel like right now is the perfect time to give him the push. Cena and Orton are both gone, Lesnar is done until 2016.

    Roman is obviously going to win the title someday, and I rather have it not be at Wrestlemania for his first time so its not some cliche Wrestlemania moment (and also so it hopefully doesn't start with him winning the Royal Rumble again)
  16. You do realize he's facing Seth Rollins for the title?... That's bad news for Roman Reigns and his fans.

    Seth is going to walk all over him and retain the title, like he's done for months.
  17. I've been okay with the idea as WHC for a little while now... especially due to the mostly lackluster Rollins title run.

    That being said, I still don't think he is right to be the main company guy i.e. Bruno Sammartino, Bob Backlund, Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Steve Austin, the Rock art John Cena. I honestly don't think he has it in him to ever be in this role... just my opinion and I'm not going to argue with anyone to defend it because it's pointless. But being a guy who gets a few title runs until a better company guy comes along is fine.
  18. More believable than Reigns beating Lesnar for the belt honestly. I'll be down to see Reigns have the title. I've kind of had enough of Rollins' reign. Poorly booked and under utilized describes his reign best. Roman Reigns seems to be the perfect candidate to take the title off of Rollins and hopefully an Ambrose heel turn and feud will happen. Something to change from the formulaic ideas behind The Shield's single runs works fine with me.
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  19. They're not gonna shit on Reigns by having him fail at the title shot for like the 5th time. He's Vince's pet project and he'll protect him if he were to fail at capturing the WWE-WHC (read: Ambrose turns on Reigns)
  20. They don't have to shit on Reigns. Rollins will still beat his ass and retain his title.
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