Roman Reigns being rejected

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Danielson, Jan 31, 2015.

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    Lately there has been tons of unjustified hate directed toward Reigns. Hell, Im one of them. I think it's important to know Reigns has done nothing to deserve the backlash. Everything with him has been mismanaged sine the break up with the shield.

    First off, Rollins. Yes, he is a heel but does anyone wrestle like a baby face as much as him? Elbow drops through tables. Corkscrew splashes. Watch the RR ppv, he was clearly the baby face of that match besides the storyline.

    Why is that important? The Shields career will always be connected. When you think HBK, you rememer the rockers. You think Brett, and you think Hart foundation.

    Let me delve in further. You have Reigns, he is supposed to be this bad ass. He has several pretty basic matches, then winds up getting hurt, which doesnt help things. It comes out that during this time he took 2 months of acting classes and his return completly botches his promo, then the following week says a nursery rhyme. WHAT A BADASS! No one "believes" him, pun intended.

    Let me elaborate on the brett and hbk comparison because I think there is something there.

    What ill do is compare it to dating a girl. All 3 start off as a tag team or in a stable, whatever. Then with hbk and brett we take them out of their stables and start to build them in the midcard.( basically, lets take this broad out on a few dates before the big payoff) After a couple years building, having great matches, perfecting their craft, we are ready for our WM moment, it becomes consensual.
    Reigns starts off as the hot new broad, boy is he pretty. The WWE just cant wait to get their nut off! They want him now, they dont care

    They just gave Reigns too much, he is not ready, and it is not his fault at all. Just be honest, he is pretty, he is big, he is hand picked. None of this is his fault.

    Ghe hypocrisy that is Vince boggles my mind. Grab the brass ring he says, sell! What has Reigns done to do that? It is not about a superstar putting in the work because we would have Ziggler. Its not about being amazing on the mic, or we would have Bray. Its not about being the best technical wrestler of this generation or we would have Bryan. It's about being pretty, about being selected, and about tradition.
    The hypocrisy continues. What is the difference between Cesaro and Reigns? Cesaro is by far the better wrestler, and they both can't talk worth a damn. But Cesaro isn't a top guy, come the fuck on.

    Ill even admit Reigns is sexy with his background, but let me take him out on a few dates, dont have him skull fuckin me before i even dip my toes.

    What do you all say on the matter. This is my week to think about it.

    Reigns didnt screw Reigns, Vince did.

    Damage control: If you're going to do this, make Reigns heel, turn Rollins face. Align Reigns with Heyman by either screwing Brock or beat Brock clean and Heyman screw Rollins. Have Rollins do something as simple as shaking a hand of a face after a great match. HHH dislikes this, says you.blew your 3 way at RR, blew your MITB, get out.
  2. I don't think Reigns right now has what it takes to be the top guy, let alone beating Lesnar at WM31. He's not great in the ring, not great on the mic and doesn't really do much else for me. But then again, Vince should have made sure Reigns' strengths showed and his weaknesses were hid; he should've been fighting guys so he gets better and better. He hands Reigns the brass ring, but stops pushing Cesaro. He reluctantly put Bryan in the main event of WM30, but now he just uses him to get a tiny bit more money. If he really liked Bryan, he would've put him in the top 4 and treated him as one of the top guys, not just another guy thrown out by Bray Wyatt. I agree with you completely, Vince fucked up and can't see that he needs to listen to the people. He can't keep thinking about what he would want back in the 80s because everything has changed, but thinks we all give a shit about WWE Network reaching 1 million. No we don't, now work on giving Reigns something that's not dogshit.

    Oh, and should Bryan not qualify for a WWE WHC match with Brock Lesnar as he was never pinned or submitted to lose the title?
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  3. I'm not sure the rules for a forfeit but I can reference HBK who won the IC back after giving it away by saying he never lost it.
  4. It would be a good way for Bryan to get into the WM31 main event. He could argue that point, an Authority Figure (not sure who, though) grants him the wish to fight someone at Fast Lane, and if he wins, he is added to the main event.
  5. It wasn't wrong to give Roman the Rumble win, I don't have a problem with Reigns winning and I'm a huge DB fan, because it's not Roman's fault. He was simply doing his job.
    Because, if Vince came up to me and said I'd be the next RR winner and the next in line to headline WM, I would've refused, too.

    But, it was wrong to give Bryan such a shitty elimination, as a matter of fact, not only to Bryan, but Ambrose/DZ/Wyatt all got eliminated in that same fashion.

    If Bryan was one of the final men to be eliminated, whether legally or by an outside interference, it'd have been fine for the crowd to accept Reigns as the winner, I think.

    Roman has the potential to be the next top star, and right now, they're ruining it. By giving him the Rumble win and the crowd pissing on it, this is bad news for Reigns.
    He's supposed to be their next top babyface, not top heel.

    They've basically thrown Roman under the bus just to prove a point to the fans - that we do not tell them how to book their shows and we can't always have our way. So, they told us to go fuck ourselves in a way. I really hope they know what they're doing with this, because it can come back to bite 'em in the ass. Oh wait...
  6. It's as if they thought that this Batista 2.0 thing wouldn't happen at all, because we all universally hate Batista and nothing more.
  7. When I think of the Rumble ending now, it was pretty cringe. Like who in their right mind thought that Big Show or Kane would win a Rumble in 2015?
  8. LOL, they knew it was the same crowd as last year. They knew they were gonna get firmly behind Bryan. And then you eliminate him like he's nothing... Stupid idea.

    But now, if they let this scenario from last year happen again, where Bryan gets added into the ME at WM pretty much the same way he did last year, they're gonna look weak by caving in.
    Can't say I wouldn't enjoy it.
  9. Let me say this. IF thet do not do what I said in my final paragraph, you will completely kill Reigns. Say, Reigns wins as face, his moment. Here comes heel rollins, cashes in and wins. Don't tell me the crowd won't pop like crazy for Rollins. Hope they do what I said, otherwise Reigns will have a very hard time recovering as a face.
  10. Yeah, nobody had thought of it. You know it's a fucked up world when you have Kane and Show being one of the final men to be eliminated.

    Come on.
  11. I seen the idea floating around that DB is still hurt. I say to you, do you book a hurt guy in two matches in one night, then a SD match, then a raw and SD again? Followed by a quick elimination and a fuckin casket match. Stop reaching for justification I say to thee. It was poorly managed. Vince has to go.
  12. Couple that with they eliminated Ziggler and Wyatt by Kane and Show. Cringe as fug
  13. I've seen that, too. But I think it's just BS, like you said, they were trying to justify their stupid decisions regarding the Rumble.

    Yeah, Vince has to go. Hopefully this announcement by Hunter is that Vince is finally going to step aside.
  14. I didn't know if to LOL or cringe at how they eliminated Bryan, Wyatt, DZ and Ambrose.
  15. Lmfao i forgot kane and show eliminated Ambrose too. Iwc favs jousted by those two is a pretty big middle finger
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  16. I don't think they were completely wrong to book Reigns to win the Rumble (even though the story of Daniel Bryan vs Brock Lesnar made much more sense and would have been so much better.) In Reigns' defense, he was one of the most over guys heading into the Royal Rumble, he legitimately won Superstar Of The Year according to some sources, and Bryan's reactions on the last few Raw's before the Rumble didn't really suggest to me with any degree of certainty that Reigns would get shit all over if he won.

    I think the issue wasn't so much that Bryan lost, but HOW he lost. WWE made people believe that Bryan had probably the best chance out of anyone to win the match, and yet he ends up being dumped out in one of the most unceremonious ways possible. Almost as if WWE were saying, "Hahaha, fuck you" to everyone who were pulling for Bryan. I actually wonder, if Bryan hadn't been eliminated so swiftly and casually, if the backlash against Reigns would have been quite as intense. WWE threw up the figurative middle finger, and in response the Philly crowd delivered their own return-fire by shitting over the biggest moment of Reigns' career.

    All that said, if the lukewarm reaction towards Reigns continue and they end up having to turn him heel just to salvage this whole thing, then so be it. Looking at his former character in NXT as well as the way he's been conducting himself in real-life interviews lately, something tells me that he was maybe born to be a heel anyway:

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  17. I agree with a lot of what you said...However, when people say, "well, this isn't Reigns fault, blah blah blah..." I feel that they're right, to an extent. WWE shouldn't have pushed Reigns so quickly. They handled the Rumble poorly and a lot feuds with Reigns and build up,, for sure, WWE has to take the blame for those instances. In the same breath, I feel that Reigns isn't that talented, regardless. He has a lot of potential, yes. Just as many guys on the roster do. I simply think that other talent should be pushed before he does.

    I don't mind the guy winning the Rumble. I don't mind his in ring style either. I'm all for younger, upcoming talent winning the "big one" and being pushed. Again, I just feel that WWE messed some stuff up and, quite frankly, Reigns has a lot of work that needs to be done. He's doing his job....yes. But I feel there's other talent on the roster that are just doing their job as well and they're much better at it.

    AS far as Rollins becoming a face, I don't agree with that at all. Rollins is a great heel. He's one of those stars that people love to hate and he's sitting well with the Authority right now.

    So, in essence, I agree with like all of what you said....just some parts not really.
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  18. Rollins already is baby face but no one knows it. RR ppv if a random tuned in, you'd be like, "Well, Rollins is baby face" From reactions, down to moveset in that match.
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    Well, Rollins can be a good babyface I'm sure. I feel that he has the talent to do both. We'll have to see. I get what you mean by crowd reactions. He has the moves to make the crowd be "wowed" But, I feel that the crowd also cheered for Lesnar a lot, too. I think that people just wanted to cheer for the bad guys that night as they didn't want another repeat Cena victory. Sure, Rollins stole the show, no doubt. I don't know if this convinces me that he should be a baby face, however, as he's been doing very well at being the bad guy.

    Keeping his as a bad guy that's damn good might the best move for him. People will boo him sometimes, but mainly love him. They did the same thing with CM Punk. Booed him when he faced certain opponents, like The Rock....But when he faced Cena, or most others, he was cheered even though he was the heel.

    Yet, I feel Punk was much better off as a heel just as I feel the same for Rollins.
  20. Well, if he didn't see the video package before the match, sure.
    But these kind of reactions only happen in certain cities like Philly I guess, Chicago, New York, etc.
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