News Roman Reigns Believes Match Against John Cena Will Happen

Discussion in 'Wrestling News Feed' started by Wrestling News, Aug 17, 2017.

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  1. While speaking to the Off The Board podcast, Roman Reigns was asked if he believes a match against John Cena will eventually take place. Reigns would reveal that he believes it would and explained why.

    “I think so. If you’re here for the right reasons — and this doesn’t just go for wrestling, this is anything, this is what drives our world — you wanna be in there with the best,” said Reigns.

    “To say John Cena is not one of the best of all time is asinine. He is. He’s a 16-time heavyweight champion. There’s only two men in the whole world that can say that. So to be able to share the ring with him, to do a big fight with John Cena, I’m all for that.”

    He continued, “I came here for a reason. I didn’t come here to blend in. I came here to stick out and that’s what I’ve done. I’m not gonna back down to anybody I said this a long time ago: I don’t care who’s at the top. I’m stepping up. I think I’ve proved that over the years. I think, what a great way to honor both of our careers and what we’re trying to do and the way we try to drive this train. What better way to do it than in the ring, one on one.”

    You can listen to the complete interview here.

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  2. I respect his way of thinking, Roman Reigns really shows that outside the ring, he's a genuine cool guy to get to know. Of course, the match with Cena will happen even if takes a couple more years.
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  3. Well, duh, of course it will happen. It will likely happen twice and be the main event of Wrestemania two years in a row... Cena wins first and Roman the next.

    Edit: the duh was towards the news article, not anyone in this thread.
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  4. Hmm. Seems like déjà vu. :smug:
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