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Despite the very symbolic ending of Wrestlemania 33, the conversation regarding the status of the Undertaker has been ongoing to this day. For one, there hasn't been a definitive statement about him actually retiring and then there are examples of the commentary team pretty much leaving the window open, as was the case in a recent comment Cole made using the word "possibly" when referring to this matter.

Well, here's what I stumbled upon a little while ago and figured was worthy of posting here:

WWE News: Roman Reigns calls out Undertaker for a rematch at a live event

Chances are, this means absolutely nothing and Roman said what he said...just to say it. Don't get me wrong, Taker is one of my top 3 all time favorites and I would love to see him again but realistically speaking, he ain't getting any younger and the surgery he had to undergo wasn't exactly a walk in the park. Furthermore, the ending of Wrestlemania and the way he went out, leaving his gear in the ring and basically disappearing in the smoke was almost perfect so don't know if I would want to change that....
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Yeah, at this point, I'd rather let Undertaker be retired, especially if he would come out of retirement to face against... THE BIG DAWG! :reigns2:

Besides, Undertaker is in no shape to wrestle anymore. He'd done almost everything imaginable, let him enjoy a retirement.
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