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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Prince Bálor, Nov 10, 2014.

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  1. Interesting... It was about time!

    "According to PW Insider, WWE feels like Roman Reigns needs to be a more well rounded character and that's part of why he was working with an acting coach recently."


    Roman Reigns' entrance through the crowd could soon be a thing of the past

    "When The Shield broke up, Roman Reigns was the member of the group who retained most of its key attributes. In addition to using only a slightly modified version of the entrance theme, he still makes his way to the ring through the crowd for each match.

    In his interview with Giant Bomb (some of which was covered here), Reigns revealed a change could be coming:

    "We'll see, I've got a few ideas. I'll just say this: If I don't come down the stairs, whatever is replacing it will be way cooler."

    Considering he's the only one who enters through the audience, Reigns would be sacrificing one of the trademarks that makes him stand out from the pack. If he's got something better in mind, though, we're all for it.

    Then again, what ideas could he possibly have that would fit his character?


  2. Well as you said that was his trademark, what made him stand out from the other former members.
    I really have no idea what could be cooler then what he has currently, but I'm intrigued.
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  3. A straight forward translation for 'more well rounded character' means he's boring and in danger of growing stale.
    This can't be great for a cat who hasn't even won a singles belt yet.
    History generally shows that the greatest time for any performer is his steady rise to super-stardom.
    Nobody should be more fresh and interesting than the 6 months or so before they finally reach the mountaintop.
    If WWE thinks they have to manufacture some inorganic method to get him to crossover (before he ever wins the title), this cat doesn't have it.

    This could work, but it just shows how much limitation this guy has in his repertoire.
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  4. My body is ready
  5. I hope it works out for him, always need ppl like Roman Reigns in the company.
  6. Wake up, Reigns. It's developing time.
  7. If there's anything Roman Reigns doesn't need to improve on, it's his entrance. It's already badass. Appearing at the top of the stairs and then making his way through the crowd while various people caress him and his muscles is a cool way of making an entrance. But if they really must insist on giving him a new one, then may I suggest they start having him ascend to the top of the ramp through an elevated stage floor like the way Gangrel and The Brood used to (except without a ring of fire surrounding him, of course.) He could just stand there in a certain pose - just picture something that would look cool - while he slowly ascended from beneath the stage, at which point maybe he does his patent roar or something.

    Good to see he's taking acting lessons... although I doubt he's gonna learn anything profound in only three days.
  8. He should superman punch kids for his entrance. Yeah I don't see how he could improve his entrance in all honesty as others have said it's quickly become his signature.
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    I had that exact same idea.
    Suppose his back is turned as the stage elevates, his head is down, lifts it up (at the same time the stage is rested), slaps himself a bit and does his primal scream.
    All this occurs while his back his turned. They can do some fancy camera work , a bit of pyro before he finally turns around and heads to the ring.
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  10. I don't think his entrance is what needs tweaking either.
  11. I'm looking forward to seeing what it's gonna be like. If they can top his current one, then cool.
  12. Many things about Roman's character need tweaking, but I don't think his entrance is one of them, at least not at this point.

    I also don't think they'd be worrying about tweaking anything if his activity in the ring had continued. The emergency hernia surgery has caused a sense of panic among the WWE writers (and probably rightly so), considering it's forced him to make an impact using nothing but his ability to talk, which is not great. They've got to do something to keep him (get him, to some extent) over. Basically, they're punting.

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  13. Unless he plans on going to the ring in a black parachute as pyro surround the ring, I'm not really that up for a reigns entrance change.
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  14. Paint his face and come out of the rafters
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  15. He'd be Sting 2.0 then :smug:
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  16. ... or Owen Hart -0.5.
    I'd love for a superstar to descend from the rafters only to give Bret Hart something to b*tch about for the next 15 years.
    Bret is always a mark for himself, but there's nothing like the twinkle in his eye when he's really, really bitter about something.

    Butt "the Hitman" Hurt, you'll always be my favorite wrestler and a dou***bag for the ages.
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  17. Yup.
    I could say the same thing about CM Punk.
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  18. LOL I've said for sometime now that CM Punk is simply a 20 year younger version of Bret Hart.
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  19. He sure as hell is.
  20. I thought that The Shield coming out from a helicopter at WM30 in that mask would have been amazing. Then again, it would have probably been too close to the crowd :blackmad:
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