News Roman Reigns Getting Heat From Backstage!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by afulwani488, Apr 7, 2016.

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  1. Yes, We All Know That Roman Reigns's Fans Are Not Happy with Roman Reigns and Now The Locker Room Also Joins!!! I Had Found A Video On YouTube That Can Provide You more Details!!

  2. Bro. If all you are going to do is post links to your youtube sheet, or just plug youtube vids all together. I'm not sure this is going to work.

    As for the topic: Roman is one of the most well liked guys backstage. I'd be surprised if he had any form of significant heat
  3. Not sure if it'd be worth pasting this in the OP or not to give people the option rather than watching the video.

    WWE Rumors: Roman Reigns Getting Major Heat Backstage From WWE Locker Room

    As for the thread I could understand there being heat for the two parts firstly he's not getting the desire reaction and secondly if he can't be around for 2 weeks of the build for Mania alot of the guys who had the more traditional routes to the E could well have been annoyed.
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  4. Only problem here is you cited Daily Wrestling News. DWN has zero credibility and is known for making things up.
    None of the major news sites have reported on it, not even Sescoops and they jump on any rumor they can latch on to.

    From what I have gathered through various interviews and reports from places like the Pwinsider and WON. Reigns is one of the most liked talents backstage, but majority of the locker room feel sorry for him due to the position he is placed in by McMahon. And feel that he is between a rock and a hard place.

    He probably has one of two detractors backstage, almost everyone does. But I'll take him having big heat with a grain of salt until a more credible source starts mentioning it.
  5. WWE Rumors: Roman Reigns Getting Major Heat Backstage From WWE Locker Room
    This is the world's biggest news ite.. see the article!
  6. The inquistr doesn't know shit about wrestling.

    The big news sites in wrestling are:
    The observer

    These are the big three with confirmed contacts in all the major locker rooms.
    After them comes wrestlinginc, pwmania and sescoops. Who mainly re-post news from the other three or site them as sources.

    Dailywrestling news and the inquistr doesn't know shit and are known to lie/make stuff up.

    And none of the major and legitimate news sites have claimed that Roman has heat, rather the opposite.
  7. None of the dirtsheets refrain from making things up lol, they just say it changed due to "unforeseen circumstances" or "backstage heat" when they're caught out. Are we only allowed to make threads for certain news sources or something nowadays?
  8. I'm just saying that DWN is especially known for making stuff up. They are banned as sources on multiple other forums because it turned out that 90% of what they posted was pure garbage.

    Especially when majority of reports on Reigns position in the locker room negates this report.
  9. Are they banned here? They probably are a poor source but it's an alternative to struggling through OP's video if anyone wants to discuss the matter #PeoplePower
  10. Sounds like grade A bullshit.
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  11. I don't believe superstars are pissed at reigns as he seems like a likeable guy and I've only heard good things about him. He just doesn't fit the part that WWE wants him to be. They keep forcing it though. Eventually it'll catch up.
  12. Mic Problem! sorry About That
  13. No he isn't.
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