Roman Reigns Is Kinda Being A Dick

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  1. "Look, we’re sure we wouldn’t like to have our shot at the Big One on the Biggest Stage Of Them All snatched away from us at the last minute by a sneaky coward who used to be our BFF, but them’s the breaks in WWE, kids! The rules are that a Money In The Bank briefcase can be cashed-in wherever and whenever, and that’s exactly what Seth Rollins did.

    Did he take advantage of a situation not of his causing? Absolutely! Was it a totally backhanded way to insert himself into a world title match? You bet! Was it illegal? HELL NO! Seth’s cash-in was fair and within the laws of the company and, besides, there was no way that Roman can claim he had the upper hand previously anyway. He’d just been F5’d again, for crying out loud!

    Roman might have felt hard done by, but Rollins didn’t do anything that 95% of the WWE locker room wouldn’t have done themselves (shout-out John Cena, you honourable scamp, you). It’s legit, it’s fair, it’s just how it is. Sorry, Roman."

    Read the 10 reasons

    Smarky Smark needs to chill out.:reigns:

  2. He also killed security guards on this week's SD. Keep it up, Roman!
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  4. Fuckin' A, man!
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  5. Brock Lesnar definitely got more screwed over then Reigns.
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  6. He punched the Chairman in the face, lol. Nuff said.

    Imagine Tom Brady punching Goodell in the face, lel. Would be awesome actually.
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  7. Reigns spearing Triple H wasn't really that dickish, at least anymore so than some of the ways Hogan, Warrior, Austin, Rock, Undertaker, Cena, and other babyfaces have acted before. Undertaker is especially ruthless lol. Most babyfaces at some point or another have reacted with physical violence when confronted by a heel that they deeply despise.

    The author of this piece is 100% correct about Brock being fucked over more than Reigns, though.
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