News Roman Reigns Reportedly Attacked by WWE Fan

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dirtsheet, Aug 9, 2015.

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  1. Roman Reigns was struck in the head by a replica Money in the Bank briefcase and a fan was ejected from the arena at a WWE house show Saturday night in Victoria, British Columbia.

    According to Raj Giri of, a fan in attendance threw a briefcase that hit Reigns in the back of the head, and security escorted the fan out.

    Video shot from the audience at the event shows what happened after Reigns was assaulted:


  2. What a douchebag. Reigns should've punched the fuck out of him.
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  3. No kidding. I mean, what would you expect?

    "hurr durr ima gun throw dis moneter straight atta roman rains' face... hurr durr he fake fiter it dont mater dat he 250 el bees of pur muscle"

    dude actually thought he could get away with it... this is what happens, no?
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  4. Seriously, there should be some policy where it's being stated that the wrestler is allowed to strike back if someone from the crowd attacks him.

    'Fans' like this douchebag shouldn't be encouraged to do stupid shit like this again. Wrestlers shouldn't deal with this shit. Like, you get hit by a fan and he's like 'Ooh, if you touch me, I'll sue you!'
  5. When I first read about this, it reminded me of a rough moment for kayfabe, when during a "Jobber Killer" Ryback had a match with Miz, and Ryback was getting his super-over clothesline ready to go and... some dumbshit rushed the ring, Ryback looked over like "wtf" and then hit the clothesline... I couldn't help but wonder about this big dude over here just destroying the Miz and this fan reacts with laughing and charging the ring... Haha.

    Come on, show some real badassery! Get some excitement going!!!

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  6. Throwing things at wrestlers is such b.s.

    You're a "real badass"? Get in the ring with them. Show how rough a muthafucka you really are!

    (BTW, once you're in the ring, you're legally fair game and attacking pro wrestlers is a really bad idea. Outside of a few people (most of whom are smart enough not to rush the ring and try to get in and attack them), most couldn't go toe-to-toe with a pro wrestler...these people typically have "combat arts" training and have to be legitimately tough to do their job...not to mention that, if they're willing to punch, kick, throw, etc., people they consider to be friends, what are they going to be willing to do to people they don't know who are attacking them while they're just doing their jobs?)

    Cue all the ITG's (Internet Tough Guys) talking about how they could whip a wrestler's ass...any wrestler...especially some little shrimp like Daniel Bryan....who once held a burglar in an actual wrestling hold long enough for the cops to get there and arrest him.

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  7. I was at the event and the guy who threw it got arrested. He was outside the arena bragging about it and also trying to get back into the event.
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  8. Wow, what a badass!
  9. Haha nope
  10. That was sarcasm, bro.
  11. I know lol
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  12. WWE Fan Banned From All Future Events After Throwing Briefcase At Roman Reigns

  13. the hell do you "sneak" a briefcase into an event. If he can sneak that beast in, I'll be bringing a .75 of Jameson when I go.
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  14. Yeah this makes the security at this place look really weak as well
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  15. How...Why did the fans start chanting for him to throw the briefcase?

    Is this what a live WWE show is like? During the main event tag match everyone just loses interest and starts saying "Hey, there's some dude in the sixth row that smuggled in a toy briefcase, ya know it would be fun if he beaned Reigns in the head with it! :yay:"

    Thought the experience was better than that live?
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  16. They were chanting to throw him out I thought?
  17. If that was the case, then... Fans chanting for that guy to throw the briefcase at Roman are as much of douchebags as the guy that did it.
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  18. What a scumbag. Someone should have held him down while Roman got a strike in the gut for a return. Seriously, it's bad enough to hit one of the workers, but to actually hit him in the back of the head, and with an object? What a pussy.
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