News Roman Reigns Suspended

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Jun 21, 2016.

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  2. Why is everyone already saying he got booked for steroids? There's literally zero information on what he got suspended for.
  3. beat me to it lmao, i was just in the process of writing it ha
  4. Because Roman being on roids is old hat online and something that has been on "the wall" for years. Stemming from him making a pretty fast body transformation back in FCW, going from "Samoan" (big but not defined) to cut in very short time. Which is hard being Samoan (The Rock only got legit cut once he got out of wrestling). The rumors about him juicing started way back down in Florida.
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  5. It's the most obvious thing that Roman could of been banned for...
  6. Well. Looks like Vince's "golden boy" isn't as golden as you'd think...
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  7. Shit, now Vince loves him more...
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  8. Big deal.. WWE's roster is filled with a bunch of morons.. They get suspended all the time for shit they know can get them suspended.

    It's amazing to hear about so many suspensions when their wellness policy is so public.
  9. Orton's been on roids, but the dude afterwards always got suspended for weed.
    Doesn't mean I'm always gonna expect someone to be on roids. smh
  10. Speaking of Orton, looks like Romey has more in common with him than Cena.:henry2:

    At least he didn't have the title, would've been horrible.
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  11. Well the buildup to Battleground will certainly be interesting now that it's only Rollins and Ambrose to carry the program. I wonder what the kayfabe excuse would be for Reigns to just disappear, family problems?
  12. Disappointing. Hope he uses this time off for some serious introspection. Waiting for more concrete information to come in but if this is stress related and If he thinks he isn't able to handle the onslaught of criticism, it'd be wise of him to even ask for a lengthier absence post Battleground after which he can come back and work his way up again. Very disappointing, regardless of anything.
  13. lol that sucks. If I was WWE I wouldn't even suspend him for roids, but I guess they have an image to keep.
  14. Haha. Definitely didn't see this coming. Roman is such a heel.
  15. Well, that sucks.

    I'm wondering if it'll affect the ME at Battleground, though. So, instead of having The Shield triple-threat there, perhaps it'll be saved for SummerSlam, which is fine by me.
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  16. [​IMG]
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  17. The write off will be easy, Drs were trying to clear him before the end of the match. Let's call it a concussion.
    I guess now he has more time to be a Dad.
  18. Sucks for Roman but at least he'll get to spend some time with his fam'. What did he get suspended for exactly? Has it been reported? I guess the triple threat will be saved for SummerSlam after all...
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  20. Reigns isn't that big of a guy. He's muscular but not on the same level as most other juicers in WWE's roster.

    This can be anything from painpills to weed. As long as he cleans up before it wrecks his career, I'm all for it.
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