Spoiler Roman Reign's suspension changed a lot more than we thought

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    Roman Reigns' drug test failure changed WWE SummerSlam plans - Wrestling News

    -The WWE Championship was supposed to still be on Roman Reigns (or Seth) after MITB and the title was supposed to go to Raw at the draft, with Reigns vs. Rollins again for the belt at Summerslam
    -The Universal Title was supposed to be Smackdown's belt (probably being Blue Strapped) and AJ Styles was supposed to be the first champ
    -It's unclear who the MITB winner really was supposed to be but looks like Ambrose wasn't apart of the original plan at all
    -Balor was supposed to face Chris Jericho at Summerslam, hinting KO was supposed to get the briefcase since Jericho is now a tag team with Kevin Owens

    Wow... Roman doing Adderal changed a lot, my best guess for Dean and KO was they feud after MITB and Kevin Owens was originally gonna be on Smackdown too.
  2. Hopefully if this is true then AJ wins the title at Backlash
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  3. "-The Universal Title was supposed to be Smackdown's belt (being Blue Strapped) and AJ Styles was supposed to be the first champ"

    That makes sense. I was wondering why they had the black belt be on Smackdown and made the Universal one red. Makes more sense to keep the black one on Raw and make a new one for Smackdown.
  4. A blue strap would have not been as painful to look at....

    But come on....they should have did this if the Universal title is on Raw and they want the belts to look similar...

    Either black strap, red background to it (like the Women's title) and that wouldn't be bad. Or...

    Red strap with a black background...


    Back on the subject of Roman. It is kind of assumed that they had to make a lot of changes when Roman got caught. Since they were backing him when it comes to him being the company's face, they probably had to change a lot and even a lot of what is coming in the future wasn't what they originally planned. I did hear that they originally wanted a War Games like match with The Shield reuniting for one night or featuring a "Bullet Club equivalent" (and with Balor hurt, that has changed too).
  5. Red strap, black background, and a gold WWE logo would of looked pretty sweet
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  6. Smells like B.S to me
  7. ok... it might not of been blue strapped maybe just blue behind the logo.

    Everything smells like BS to you, go wipe your ass ya bum
  8. Your mom.
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  10. I was reading on another site and saw a double turn was planned with Reigns/Seth. They seem to be building up to a possible Reigns heel turn.
  11. Yup, sounds about right.
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