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Is it too late to hop on the Buddy Murphy bandwagon?

Roman Reigns and Murphy delivered a pay-per-view quality match this week on SmackDown. Reigns and Murphy had instant in-ring chemistry during a hard fought, nearly 15 minute contest.

This match was physical and easily exceeded all pre-match expectations.

The animosity between @WWERomanReigns & @WWE_Murphy has only gotten STRONGER as the two battle it out on #SDLive!

— WWE (@WWE) August 14, 2019
After Murphy blocked and defended multiple spear attempts from Reigns, The Big Dog finally caught his foe for the three count.

Hell of a fight from @WWERomanReigns and @WWE_Murphy!

— TDE Wrestling (@tde_wrestling) August 14, 2019
Props to Reigns for selling like Murphy throughout the match. There’s no shame in losing to Reigns in your first big match on SmackDown. Hopefully WWE creative builds on the momentum Murphy created during his loss to Reigns.

What is ceiling for Buddy Murphy on WWE’s main roster?

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The Game
Well...they're bigger wrestling fans than I am...

I'd rather gargle battery acid than watch a Plank of Wood match.
The match was legit one of the best TV matches of the year.

Not surprising considering it includes Roman Reigns. If you wanna watch good wrestling watch him. Doesn't run hes mouth just concentrates on being the best he can be.

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