Survivor Series Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins at Survivor Series??

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Neptune, Oct 27, 2015.

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  1. So based on things lining up already, I feel this would be the best move. I would imagine Brock is going to take time off now that he beat taker and set the stage for a 4 v 4 match up with the Wyatts.

    This leaves Roman and Seth both kind of in limbo. Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton can possibly face them but I can't see that happening. I see them teaming up with Kane and Undertaker for SS.

    What are your thoughts?
  2. somebody in the chat said Lesnar will win the rumble and i agree

    so i see rollins retaining

    best way to do it imo is have Ambrose come in and go lunatic fridge on roman

    that way roman can feud with dean for a few months...maybe until wm but that's a stretch

    triple threat reigns/rollins/lesnar at wrestlemania
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  3. I do like this idea but don't forget about the Rock. I think people want to see Rock vs Brock. And lets be honest, that is a big $$$ puller.
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  4. maybe they'll do that HHH/Steph vs. Rousey/Rock mixed tag match that has been rumored for awhile

    idk why but i hope the rock isn't involved this year would be forced as fuck
  5. I think that Vince wants him... But he wants him every year. I would much rather see Stone Cold get in the ring one last time. lol
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  6. Bryan is not getting medically cleared just yet. And Orton is still out with a shoulder injury, so count him out of SS as well.

    I think that Reigns wins it here sadly, I still don't think he is ready. But Roman going into Mania season as champion is better than him chasing again and risking the same reaction. And it does open up for Brock winning the rumble and we get Reigns vs Lesnar 2 a year later.
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  7. i disagree with you but i was kinda getting the same feeling.

    commentary was pushing this "Reigns finally fought so hard to get here hustle loyalty respect" narrative so i could see this being Romans redemption
  8. Oh it is the start of his redemption. But he still isn't ready to be the man. He has the match part down, but he's not a confident enough talker to handle hard crowds as Chicago showed us.
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  9. his delivery on that promo to start the show was cringe worthy

    i don't see how he can survive without a mouthpiece

    and this looks gay as fuck

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  10. I hope not it would be too soon. Let him win at TLC if they are going this route. Or heck, even the Royal Rumble. The title change would be a surprise.
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  11. My big question if they do put the belt on Roman is what they will do with Mr. MVP Seth Rollins after his title run.
  12. oh shit how about this

    same night lesnar wins the rumble

    reigns wins the title


    ...but what about brock!?

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  13. turn him face i guess? i have no idea. maybe he can go back to the midcard temporarily but that'd suck because he's obviously a top level guy
  14. That could work. I mean, it certainly would be interesting to see all three in the ring.
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  15. Could you imagine if they brought back Vickie to help him on the mic... LOLOL
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  16. imagine if they made The Rock his hypeman :hhhooh:
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  17. All that Hawaiian love in one ring. :hmmm:

    (No Roman smiley???)
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  18. imagine if he had DJ Khaled as his manager

    just comes into the ring, says his name and mixes some dirty sprite in the cup
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  19. I'm not gonna be surprised if Reigns wins. Plus, him winning the WWE title at SS sounds better than him winning the Royal Rumble for the second time in a row and starting yet another Royal Rumble Rebellion.
  20. If they do 3 triple threats in a row at mania, that would be stale as hell unless it's the shield fighting each other.

    Rock vs Brock will happen.
    Reigns vs dean vs Seth

    That is better to me. Have rock and Brock fight in the rumble and eliminate each other at the same time. And then they brawl and the next night on raw the challenge is made.
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