TLC Roman Reigns vs Sheamus at TLC

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    As it was announced on Raw this past Monday night, these two will face off in a TLC match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at the TLC PPV.

    Who wins and who loses, in your opinion?

    What I want to happen: I want Reigns to regain the title.

    What will probably happen: The Eurothority interferes and costs Reigns the match.
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  2. i want sheamus to win lol fuck roman
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  3. If Reigns doesn't regain the title at TLC, then I could see him winning the Rumble for the second year straight, which would lead to another Royal Rumble Rebellion and there ya have it. All's cool in Vince's world.
  4. If they fucking ruin the rumble like they have for the past 3 years.... I'll kill.... Let Roman just win it now and move forward with your plan. Fuck Roman doing the same repeat garbage.
  5. Sheamus vs. Reigns
    TLC Match Empty Arena

    I'm expecting it to be ruined again, they'll never learn
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  6. Im gonna go with Roman. I don't think they have intentions on keeping the belt on Sheamus for long. The reason they put it on him is so that he can put Roman over. More people can't stand Sheamus than Roman so everyone will finally cheer Roman once he wins the belt from Sheamus, just like how Vince wants.
  7. Fuck them both, I want for Lesnar to show up and fuck everyone up. I want Sheamus vs Lesnar for the title at Royal Rumble, that's the one feud at this point that would be bearable if Sheamus/Reigns have to be included.

    Oh and if they let Reigns win the Rumble again... on one hand I'd love to see the hilarious backlash but I also don't want for them to keep holding back guys like Dean Ambrose who could be one of the THE GUYS if they let him win.
  8. Prince Balor mentioned it in another thread, but I'm still thinking Daniel Bryan will likely win the Rumble. There's just not another option. inb4Cena
    Hope the way I mentioned it (Daniel Bryan is a surprise entry and wins, eliminating Roman) doesn't happen. Lets not try to get Roman over by doing the reverse of Rumble 2015.
    But if Daniel Bryan isn't cleared, guarantee they do the whole "oh Roman you have to start at #1 and work your way through!" deal with Cena vs Sheamus as the title match. If that's the case then fuck off.
    I mean, it's the Royal Rumble. You can argue the title match doesn't matter anyway since the Rumble is the draw. Can't we give Neville or someone a random title shot just for something new?

    On-topic: If a kickass TLC match happens and nobody watches, did it really happen?

    Lucha Underground, coming back in January.
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  9. Well, to be honest, that was your idea. And all I said was "I admire your optimism", because Vince won't let him win it, as much as we would love it.

    In order to prevent the Royal Rumble Rebellion III from happening, DB or someone who is as over as him currently (Ambrose) needs to win it.
    The guy I don't want to win is Cena, of course. He doesn't need it.

    The worst case scenario is Reigns winning it AGAIN and getting booed out of the building AGAIN. Don't do that, Vince. Not because it's Reigns, I actually like the dude, but because he doesn't need to get shat on two years in a row.

    One of the best case scenarios is if DB doesn't come back and win... ENTER BORKMAN. The Beast could just wreck everyone and win the whole thing. Ya know, that would've been perfect had Reigns turned heel and won the championship at SS. But, Vinceman said LOL. Oh well.
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  10. Brock Lesnar is taking the W for the Rumble this year.

    At Wrestlemania I'm predicting
    Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns WWE title
    Daniel Bryan vs Kevin Owens IC title
    John Cena vs The Undertaker

    Then I could maybe see Triple H and Dean Ambrose in a street fight..
  11. This is actually sounds interesting to me. Two huge dudes beating the shit out of each other with random objects? I'm okay with it.
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  12. Did anyone see how cringe worthy Romans promo on Smackdown was? When he talked about what he was going to do with the chair, table, and ladder. Lol so terrible...
  13. I'm calling it now:

    -Reigns wins his title back from Sheamus at TLC.

    -The Authority then attempt to stack the odds against Reigns in the largest way possible by making him defend his title... within the Royal Rumble match itself! (Not too unlike how Ambrose was forced by The Authority to defend his United States Title in a battle royal last year... Funnily enough, it was Sheamus that won it from him then.) They force him to enter at #1 while Sheamus gets the coveted #30 spot. In spite of the overwhelming odds, Reigns pull through and wins the Rumble (last eliminating Sheamus) to retain his title.

    -After Reigns and Sheamus square off at Fast Lane one final time, Reigns challenges Triple H for Wrestlemania 32, taunting him by holding up the title and saying that if he wants the championship off of him so bad, why doesn't he grow a set, shed his corporate suit for one night, and take it from him himself. Hunter accepts, and Reigns further dares him to put The Authority's absolute power on the line as well. If he wins, he not only retains his championship, but The Authority is forever stripped of ever wielding any on-screen power again, no if's, and's, or but's.

    -Reigns defeats Triple H, vanquishing The Authority forever. The end.
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  14. I don't see this happening at all. Sounds way to over the top. I think Sheamus is going to win at TLC due to screwy finish, interference from Rusev, Barret, and HHH. But then Reigns is going to somehow slip his way back into another rematch at Royal Rumble and win the title (The Royal Rumble is in Florida this year, Reigns home state so if he won't get booed and will finally have a feel good moment)

    And then has anyone thought about this? Long term storyline...Lesner wins the Royal Rumble so it sets up Reigns vs Lesnar pt II. Its face vs face at Wrestlemania 32 and Roman Reigns finally turns heel to defeat Brock Lesnar by aligning himself with Triple H. That way he can have a long title reign and eventually drops his belt (probably at Money in the Bank?) to a returning face, Seth Rollins.
  15. I'd say Sheamus will retain sadly.
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  16. I'd love for the crowd to go so rogue during this match
  17. Doubt it, although I wouldn't be surprised. They could end up being dead for the most part and only pop for table spots and such.

    However, next week's RAW is in Philly, so yeah, you can expect the crowd "to go so rogue" during the whole show.
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  18. Reigns is ass. Go sheamus
  19. Sheamus retains for sure, Danny.
  20. Fuck yeah!
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