Roman Reigns, why?

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  1. Why everybody hates Roman Reigns, he was the guy, the favorite of the WWE universe. And now, everybody hate him. WHY ?
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    Because you touch yourself...

    In all seriousness, because he was rammed down the throats of fans who has already chosen their favourite, and a tall, muscular man who isn't good on the mic wasn't one of them. They pushed Roman too soon - if he had the opportunity to develop naturally, with some time to hone his mic skills and develop more as a wrestler, then he may have stood a chance.

    Plus, he doesn't really sit right as a baby face - a heel turn is required pretty urgently now, and has been for some time.
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  3. ^Yeah...what he said...

    In my opinion...I agree with the heel turn...
    mainly because Roman just looks like a heel...
    at least to me.

    I say he he ditches the old shield music, quits wearing
    that "combat" vest and becomes a silent destroyer
    and begins tearing through both faces and heels...
    and during this time he never interviews,
    no promos, no nothing. He just appears, destroys
    and leaves.

    I'd carry this on for a few months to the point where
    he is starting to actually scare people...until the time
    is right...say just after a babyface Seth Rollins claims
    the Universal title...then have Roman appear, beat Seth
    down in the middle of the ring, open him up (Not going to
    happen...but it would be good to add impact) have him grab
    a mic and ask the audience one simple question:

    "Is this what you wanted?"


    "I hope you enjoy it"

    Wow...went on a tangent there...sorry about that...
    But yeah...

    Everything about Face Roman feels forced and from
    the crowd reactions I've seen...its never going to work.
  4. Because he was never the favorite of the "universe"/fans. Sure he was over and popular, but he was not the universally beloved guy. But he's the guy Vince McMahon wants because he is a big, muscular guy with cross over appeal. Him being related to the Rock doesn't hurt either.

    Fans can sense when they have someone showed down their throats, and reacted in turn.
  5. I have no major problems with him and have been enjoying his feud with Rusev. I have only been around for the last couple of months though.

    I think it has also become popular to boo him. He is not that bad in ring and not that bad on the mic. He is not "the guy" though that feels like Rollins/Ambrose/AJ/KO.
  6. Everyone wanted Reigns to turn heel.
  7. Turn the guy heel......... It's what's best for business
  8. He is a puppet
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  9. He was never my guy and never would he be the favorite of the WWE Universe
  10. He's not a fan favorite. A fan favorite doesn't neeed to be forced into main events as the face. It happens naturally - DB being the most recent example.

    He's popular because of the main event spotlight and his ability to still put on good matches, but fans hate him because they can tell when something feels unnatural. They know the "machine" is behind him, not the universe entirely.

    Cena is prob the biggest exception to all this. He can be booed, forced into main events, etc. and still sell every t shirt, seat in the arena, and put on a good show.
  11. I hate John Cena
  12. People liked him BEFORE Vince tried making him "THE GUY". When he started getting shoved down people's throats week in and week out, people got sick of him. I think people got sick of the heel teasing as well.
  13. I agree Roman was good with The Shield not so much as "The GUY"......His ring work has gotten a lot better I will give him that just stop relying so much on the damn superman punch
  14. I think he's done more than enough to earn people's respect. Cena seems to have nothing but loyalty and respect (pun very much intended) for the business and is more than happy nowadays to put over younger talent. Also, he's been in a match of the year candidate with AJ Styles - I've fallen back into being a fan.
  15. You can't say "everybody", 'cause I, for one, and many others for that matter don't hate Roman Reigns.
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  16. 1st off Loyalty and Respect can't believe you came with that one LMAO!
    He put's over younger talent I respect that.........but overall I hate John Cena! I've hated him all these years and I'm not going to stop now. Lol That's like turning my back on something I believe in
  17. I may have become a Cena fan after that match. Cena and Styles both made each other look like a million dollars. Chants at Cena of "you can't wrestle" look a bit silly now IMHO.

    If someone is overbooked or comes across as to cheesy they get a bad response form the crowd. A heel turn can pay off big time though for a babyface if done right (Hogan, Rock being 2 big examples).
  18. They teased Cena going heel once or twice.......I was all for it, that may be the only way I can stop hating him.
  19. A lot of more "hardcore" fans do. But the guys is still the face that runs the place and he sells.
  20. Correction-AJ Styles is the Face that runs the place
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