Roman Reigns wwe debut

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Gman003, Aug 7, 2018.

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    So I was surfing around YouTube a bit last night and came across the video of when he debuted in NXT against cj parker. And maaan...what on earth happened to this Roman??

    It was almost like I forgot everything I've seen in the past few years and became a fan of him... he looked phenomenal! Outstanding! He has a natural talent. And as everyone has been saying for forever... he's a natural heel!

    The worst thing Vince has done for him is try to push him as the babyface. Truly a shame that they lost such a promising character.

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  2. Sheesh did they mess up. I meant if they built him right, he would have already been a fan favorite for at least 2 years now.
    I will never understand why they insist on pushing these men or women in the opposite direction of their greater talents.
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  3. I'm guessing people started to turn on him after the shield breakup. I don't see how they could of booked him like this after that.

    So what point should Roman of had turned heel and go to a character similar to this one?

    After he beat the Undertaker maybe. I think the perfect time to turn him has yet to come personally
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  4. When he was part of the shield... EVERYONE seemed to love him. They didn't have to go back to what he was in NXT but he should have been a long standing heel for awhile.
    They could have had him turn on Ambrose and Seth and branched out as a dominate lone heel. There is really a lot they could have done differently but they were so fixated on their own agenda that they ended up hurting his career.
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  5. Well that rewrites history a lot. I'm very satisfied with Seth being the one to break up the shield. That's probably why Seth has a way better character then Roman.

    I can't really blame them. It would take an incredible amount of foresight to identify that he should of been the the oneo to turn heel
  6. Should have kept him this character all along.

    I didn't get the privilege of seeing him until WM31 in the main event. That was the first wwe I saw in a decade so I missed his good stuff. I just happened to come across this video last night and thought why in the hell didn't they keep this gimmick? Maybe you're right Redboy, but time is running out. I hope you're right. But at this point is it almost too late to save him? Hes 33, which isn't all that old. But for athletes its starting to get up there.
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  7. Out of everyone on the roster he is the last person to be saved. Roman is most likely going to continue be a major part of the company and continue to consistently get the biggest reactions.

    For our sake it would be good if they do something interesting with his character. Maybe sooner rather then later. I would like to see him go into mania as a heel.
  8. The fact that he has worked better as a heel should have tipped them off. Seth seems to be the only one able to play both a heel and a face, in my opinion.
  9. I think all three are very good at playing both heel and face. I'm not sure if this heel version of Reigns is better then face Reigns pre 2014 tbh I remember people being all over him.
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  10. Really all they need to do is give him an arrogant attitude and hate the crowd and the whole roster. He has the badass look, naturally. They should let it roll like that for a while. Idk though, guess we'll see what the future holds.
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  11. If Roman starts cheating and becomes a chicken shit heel then I prefer if he would just stay the same ay he his now.
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    Huge missed opportunity. The guy is not only a natural heel, but he’s the perfect mold for it.

    His persona, gimmick, and style all screams heel, yet he’s pushed as the face all the time, or now “thee guy,” “my own man,” or whatever the fuck they justify it with it because he’s clearly not a face.

    Case and point, Roman is a golden heel.
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  13. It maybe the worst "thing" Vince has ever done
    to his company & to one of his performers.

    Peter Dinklage is Awesome...but he sucked
    as the voice of a flying mini-drone in Destiny...

    John Wayne was Awesome...but he sucked
    in the role of Genghis Khan...(Seriously)

    Russell Crowe is Awesome but he sucked
    in Les Misérables because he can't sing...


    Roman Reigns COULD be Awesome...but he
    sucks as the "Top Babyface" in the WWE...

    He is 110% completely miscast & even a heel
    turn won't save him at this point.

    The Boos will follow & haunt him forever...&
    it is all Vince's fault for not relenting & letting
    Roman have a run as a heel...which is a role
    he would clearly excel in.
  14. Not even close.
  15. In your opinion at least.
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  16. Wow Grievous 2. I'm glad we can agree on something again. And Roman Reigns at that - Err the plank of wood (lol).

    In responding to this thread I now 100% understand your stance on this man. I see why you dislike him as much as you do. You don't actually hate him. You hate the direction his character has gone.

    Have you seen this video before? And what are your thoughts on him then?
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  17. :thumbsup:

    Yeah...Pretty much.

    I mean I don't hate any of the WWE performers...
    I just hate the way they are pushed or "written"

    Its like Alexa Bliss...I respect the talent she does
    have...and she does look fantastic...but her booking
    has been ridiculous.

    Its like the WWE wanted her to be as successful as
    possible as quickly as they have basically
    booked her over nearly everyone else on the roster
    even though she doesn't have the size, skill or speed
    in the ring to "realistically" defeat most of the women
    around her.

    Both Reigns & Bliss are having the same effect on the
    performers around are being damaged
    & stalled because the WWE want them on top of their
    respective divisions...and both are incredibly flawed.

    Reigns has the ring skills...but no personality or mic skills...
    & Bliss has personality & mic skills...but no ring skills...and
    its for these reasons I hate the way they are being positioned
    at the top of their respective divisions.

    I mean...watching Roman Reigns is always painful...mainly
    because the commentators go ON & ON about him like he's
    a "Big Deal" & its sad to see it was happening even during
    his debut in NXT.

    I honestly don't really care for the guy...I think he's incredibly
    plain & boring in & out of the ring.

    Now if they booked him in the right role...he COULD be incredibly
    effective & be a vital component of the stories being told by the
    WWE...but...Vince doesn't want Roman to be a component of a
    story...he thinks Roman should be the ENTIRE story...and he's
    just not engaging enough to play that role.

    I don't hate Reigns...I just think he's been terribly miscast...and
    everything about him is boring, forced & pathetic.
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