News Roman: "They got no reason to boo me"

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by C.M. Shaddix, Mar 27, 2016.

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  1. Roman Reigns: 'There is no one reason why someone would want to boo me' - Cageside Seats
    Roman Reigns: 'There is no one reason why someone would want to boo me'

    Well? I don't know, the reason we boo him is simply we don't like him and we don't think he deserves to be the face. As Bork Lesnar would say in my meme show: ROMAN STUPID
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  2. He's an idiot. We do have a reason to boo you. We simply feel that you shouldn't be the top face. We have a reason to do whatever we feel like. Lol.

    I like Roman, he's simply misplaced.
  3. WWE fans are ****s.
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    Fuck fans for liking who they like. Free will sucks am I right?

    My personal take: I think majority of the fans that do boo Reigns do it because they do not want him in a certain position on the card, and they have a right to voice that opinion. Be it through crowd reaction, not showing up, not buying merch or however. As long as they do not try to personally hurt the guy they can protest however.

    Would I prefer if Reigns got booed for being a heel (or even for being bad in ring)? Yup. But I can think of a lot of worse ways for fans to voice their opinions on who they want main eventing than booing him
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  5. I don't boo him, I complain about the company for not using him in a better way to brighten his talents, not make him look inexperienced. If I boo a wrestler, it is because he is doing something right. No reaction = I could care.
  6. Modern fans are shit, dude. Its all about getting our chants over so we can read about how X city had awesome Chris Benoit and CM Danielson chants. Totally stole the show! Wait this guy has muscles? He's obviously shit. Boo this man. They didn't put the WWE title on a no charisma vanilla midget internet darling? Obviously means he's buried. Fuck this company. Fuck part timers and these old has beens! Its time for new blood -- but wait.. why isn't The Rock at every house show? Dick.

    Don't get me wrong WWE's product is trash but nowadays fans are just as bad. I can see why Vince and crew looks down and doesn't give a fuck abut these people.
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  7. His push is bothering some of the fans, but you can cheer and boo who you want as far as I am concerned without it getting personal. It is a tv show after all.
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  8. way to paint with wide strokes good sir.
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  9. [​IMG]
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  10. A lot or this shit happens because WWE's product is utter shit. And, they love to force things onto the fans. This is why fans will boo guys like Roman out of the building. It's not that they "hate" Roman. It's reactionary because no one likes to be forced to do anything. We have talent like Ambrose, Rollins, and Cesaro; yet, WWE feels that even though these guys will get cheered far more than Roman and the crowd love feels more natural, the bulky good-looking reigns deserves the top spot. It's garbage.

    Fuck part timers isn't always true. Look at the Rock and Brock. Always work for them. I don't think people felt that the rock was a dick for not being at every house show lol. I never heard that really, besides cena saying he's never around. And he did that to simply build a feud. Plus, the rock explained why he's not.

    Vince and crew should give a shit about the crowd and what they think. It's their meal tickets. Eventually, it will catch up with them. If they keep pushing things down people's throats and keeping the product garbage.

    All in all, I think fans get bored, frustrated, and sick of the product so occasionally they boo and take over a show. I don't fucking blame them. As you said, the product is garbage more often than not. Some fans suck and always will suck, but I blame WWE for a lot of the crowd reactions. It's like they're asking for it.
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  11. If it's so shitty then people could just stop watching. There are plenty other promotions to watch and network cancellations will hit the WWE where it matters. Continuing to watch just to moan won't really do anything- the WWE are still getting the ratings and money.
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  12. That is the stupidest thing, I've ever heard. If this is just some tactic to get more heat on him for a potential heel turn, then it's genius. If he legitimately thinks this way; he's making it harder for me to be a fan.

    He may just be trolling, like many wrestlers do to make fun of wrestling fans.
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  13. Like D'Z said before. These dumbass marks pay thousands of dollars to boo Reigns/Cena whoever. They pay for the Network. They tune in every Monday to watch Raw. Give Vince's product all your money and attention, that'll change things for the better amirite. :pity1:
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  14. Yes they could. Or they could just boo and tell what they're thinking as well. Just because they may hate a lot of the show, doesn't mean they hate all of it. Plus the average wrestling fan sees WWE as the only wrestling entity. They're the biggest promotion and average fans see WWE as the only real product. I mean that's quite obvious or they wouldn't be so big
  15. I always thought there was a flipped side to the coin.

    WWE complains just as much as the marks do when it comes to reactions and overall reception to their product. If they hate it when fans shit on their product. Why not try to please the majority of their fans? Is it really brain science that if you please your customers, they will come back for even more? It never made sense to me why a company that prides itself on being on-par with other massive entertainment conglomerates and customer satisfaction, alienates it's hardcore fanbase as marks and only relies on them when they sink to near-bankruptcy.

    Of course WWE fans almost never accept anything as good because it isn't 1999 and their isn't a women stripping, but at least trying wouldn't hurt on WWE's part.
  16. And to continue to give them money and ratings isn't going to encourage them to make the changes people want. WWE is a business, if people will still pay then as far as they're concerned they're really not obligated to do anything the fans want.
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  17. Agreed, but in all honesty most fans don't care enough to go as far to cancel their subscriptions, quit watching, and stick it to Vince. They'll spend their money and boo reigns or whatever else pisses them off, then go home. The show hijacking happens like 1-2 times a year where the crowd literally boos everyone but guys like Brock, Dean, and Rollins. So to me that's not a huge deal and, actually, I'm surprised it doesn't happen more.
  18. Didn't say it was "right." Simply saying that i don't blame people for booing. And sometimes "high jacking" a show.
  19. There is no excuse for "hijacking" shows. That's the most annoying and disrespectful thing to do. The night after Mania 29 was cool, now the copy-cat wannabe crowds are just annoying as fuck. No wonder wrestlers and the WWE, in general, hate their fans. :george:
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