Romneys tax plan explained.... wait.....

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  1. SHIT!
  2. Haha that is so amazing.
  3. That's pretty funny.

  4. haha, you watchin the debate tonight?
  5. :bury:

    Romney's Real Tax Plan, not that crap up top.

    1. Reopen USA's space program.
    2. Send The Expendables to Cybertron
    3. Collect all the raw materials without alerting the Decepticons
    4. Invest all the money made from the raw metals into new weaponry
    5. Hire Skeletor to build an army
    6. Use the new army to destroy all fast food restaurants serving chicken (the nigg-i mean poor people won't last a week)
    7. Sell the neighborhoods of deceased poor people to John Laurinatis
    8. Have Laurinatis make gangsta rap videos in broke down abandoned neighborhoods.
    9. Put the videos on youtube and monetize them.
    10. Sell merchandise and songs
    11. give all the debt from this plan to the next minority to run for president.
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  6. nah :pity:
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