Ron Paul (Americans report in!)

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Jun 4, 2012.

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  1. Without starting an argument, how many of you Americans are voting for this guy? He ain't got a chance in hell unfortunately but hey ho' :emoji_slight_frown:.

    I know Dolph's is and that's why I freaking love him. I know politics always ends up in arguments here but is anyone else from the states voting for this absolute legend?
  2. In words of Sandy: HE SUCK ASS HE STFU. :boss:
  3. Why do you care, Crayo? Just to bag on Americans. :okay:
  4. I voted for him in the primaries (he took 8% of CA!) but his 2012 Rep. campaign had fizzled long before I gave him my vote. Does he plan to run 3rd party again? I haven't heard anything/been paying attention for a couple of months
  5. if i vote for ran paul will u love me to?
  6. I love Ron Paul and he's American...

    Ron Paul is GOAT.

    Not sure. I haven't followed it recently. I just know FOX tried to corruptly turn people against Paul and it didn't work. At one point Paul kept winning the polls. I'm not sure what happened though. I remember FOX news trying to humiliate him because of something Paul said once (legalising Heroin I think), but Paul reversed it like a boss and KO'd them.

    Damn I wanted him to become president so much.
  7. Ron Paul is a boss. I'm definitely gonna be voting for him.
  8. I voted, but here in Wisco we decided to get santorum'd. I dont get the hate for Ron Paul, and always really, really enjoy the hate he gets for having the same positions for the past twenty + years. If you hate Ron Paul, something is wrong with your politics, or you only voted in 2008....and most likely wasted your vote on Obama and his "change" (Note, McCain could have been worse, but come on people, George Bush vs Al Gore...worst race ever, followed by Bush vs Kerry..two members of the same university and skull and bones members, followed by a landslide media attack obama vs Mccain...insert any Palin joke here...and now people are disinterested in someone who actual has a constant opinion...)

    If you wont vote for Ron Paul because you hate/dont understand his message, youtube Vermin Supreme, the only difference between the two is Vermin is shoving it in your face that his jokes are aligned with the "promises" of other candidates, while Paul chooses to seperate himself from the pack, and therefor people NEED to categorize his stance into either left, right, or liberal.

    Sorry, but you cant bring up politics or religion and not expect some sort of debate..We have the whole recall thing tomorrow and i am up to my ears in the BS coming from the media..

    Crayo...Night at the Roxbury is the greatest. Ever. Huge call.
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  9. i wish Herman Cain was still running. The Cain Train was my dawg. Hoping for that VP spot
  10. Also this thread reminds me of this

  11. Liked. :mj:

    Vermin Supreme is a fucking boss.
  12. lol Chappelle was my dawg too. wish he'd come back. "Hey who you voting for?" "HEY HEY i'm trying to tell you about fucking my wife and you're asking me all these personal questions" lol
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