Ron, Rand and dem Liberal-liberty-tarian types? Who are they are?

Discussion in 'Serious Topics & Debates' started by Ovaldinho, Jun 25, 2014.

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  1. As a lad with a natural-born curiosity, I like to learn about things that make the World around me tick, or at least have the potential to have an impact on that. This of course includes that thing where guys in suits lie out of their teeth for public approval. I think it's called Politics or something like that...

    In regards to the Murrican political spectrum, it seems like I know more US political parties than most US adults. Well, only two (Greens and Socialists), but still more. I digress though...

    I've heard about the Paul family; Ron the dad and Rand the son. Right now they seem to be the hipsters ticket in US politics right now. All I know is Ron is/was Republican for 3 decades and Rand is/was Tea Party (Not the most favourable start but I'll give him a chance).

    Now I know @Bill Clinton is a Paul family fan so I'll tag him for a guaranteed response, but, what do these guys have in their ideologies/manifestos? Are they liked because its simply better than the traditionalist politicians you've seen for decades or because they have a legit set out political philosophy that would help America?
  2. Cause [​IMG]....

    and Rand's pubic head hair.
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  3. Also that Arnie movie bloke. The lad is a republican in California but implements such left-wing esque policies at times e.g. Medical cannabis. I heard he's married to some democratic chick so that might explain it.
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    @Solidus can we have a 2015 UK general election and US 2016 election live discussion when they come around btw. I'm sure all of 5 five of the people in them will really appreciate it :emoji_wink:
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  5. don;t be a dick about this.

    Ron Paul is a republican from Texas who has not taken a federal income (most of your fucking people do, lib dem or repub) and has instead lived off of being a doctor. He has given over 3k babies lives outside of the womb. Rand Paul is an eye doctor by profession and was outbranded as a member of the tea party when it was popular (he never said he was their leader) because of his over right wing philosophy.

    People hate Ron Paul and blame him as a racist because he feels a business owner doesnt NEED to be forced to hire a minority for his business. Now in this day in age, that means someone who refuses a minotory worker work and is up front about it can be called out in the public instead of people hiding being ageism and racism.

    Rand Paul has been constituted as a Tea Party member because he was anti-Paul Ryan. I'm not kidding.

    There are a few more issues that are brought up, but those are the main reasons why they were blocked form the parties. True conservatives do no make up the majority of republicans (look at 2008 and 2012 voting stats) while Mitt Romney literally won vs Paul by default. There were speeches given for mitt vs Obama that refused Paul based on the fact Paul had no chance, when in fact if you go to his website and look up the stats, a ton of people were ready to snag his back. Politicians.

    The issue is that since Bush won vs Gore, the voting system has been obvious rigged and people are fucking halfwites about it. Abortion and God in school matter more than the homeless in our states and the fact that removing troups from the 180 nations we occupy could do much better serving our country at home.

    Our govt isn't in place for us. It hasnt in decades, and if you disagree watch eisenhauer farewell speech.
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