MMA Ronda Rousey lost

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Mr. Roman Empire, Nov 15, 2015.

  1. Ronda Rousey lost

    Maybe she will retire and come to WWE now
  2. Eh, That'd be kind of a weak move IMO. Downgrading from MMA to WWE. She should stay where she is.
  3. she will probably get a rematch
  4. No one has ever actually held a win streak until they retired. Unless they were short, black and rich. Of course.
  5. I thought the same lol

    Sink to the bottom and pull a Brock Lesnar
  6. I'm just glad the hype is over. Lets see how many idiots rant about how she would beat Mayweather in a fight now lol
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  7. great so can woman's UFC go back to being a meme sport now?
  8. i say that even tho i'm lowkey hyped for the rematch
  9. Yeah it is kinda funny to see her go from female Goku to just another fighter who got knocked the fuck out, all in a matter of minutes.
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  10. At least it'll shake the division.

    Haven't seen the match, avoided all spoilers and this poorly titled thread spoiled it. Please be more considerate.
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  11. I don't see how you can expect to go on any form of social media and not come across a spoiler.
  12. I haven't been on twitter or facebook. Didn't look for the results.
    It wouldn't have been difficult to just label the thread as Holm vs Rousey without putting the outcome of the match in it. At least people can choose if they want it spoiled or not.
    These threads come up in new posts, it's not like the choice was given.
  13. As someone who watches 82 NBA games a year on delay, this is your bad. Not trying to sound like a dick, but if you wanted a spoiler free Rousey fight you have to take the steps to assure it. I've fucked up and spoiled countless NBA games for myself, it happens. You have to know the situation you are in and avoid anything that could fuck you.

    like if you ever saw Fever Pitch and Jimmy Fallon avoiding spoilers at dinner.. that is the level you have to go to. Being on a forum where you know a handful of the people would have been watching the fight is begging for the spoiler.


    And yea, the dude still sucks for his shitty title but still.
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  14. No gif/Vine to show the match like the others? It may actually have been long enough to be a YT video, cool.
  15. lol @Majour disagreeing with simple logic. Again, he was in the wrong, but you should have known better. Que the you fucked up chant
  16. Stephanie McMahon vs Ronda Rousey at WM 32 confirmed.
  17. Honestly though, this could've been posted in the UFC thread. Or at least not have had the spoiler in the title, but yeah, it's best to avoid any and every social media outlet until you've seen the show. Just in case.
  18. Do you think if Ronda Rousey joined the WWE that they would have her wrestle the male roster? Sort of like Chyna?
  19. Even though she could tie some of the guys in a knot, no. They wouldn't let male wrestle a female and I'm fine with it.
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