Ronda Rousey Seen Training With Natalya??

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Solid Snake, Dec 2, 2017.

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  1. Does this mean there is still a chance we will see her in WWE?
    I could care, but I know some of you wanted to see her wrestle.

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  2. I'd like to see Ronda vs Asuka to be honest. That'd be pretty cool
    (I'm still a huge Rousey mark my guy)
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  3. Well...the rumor is the WWE wants to have the 4 Horsewomen vs. 4 Horsewomen
    match at Wrestlemania...but who really knows at this point.

    I'd personally like to see Ronda take on Charlotte or Asuka...or even both in a
    triple threat match...which is a match that could actually main event a WWE
    pay per view...possibly Summerslam.

    As far as Ronda training with makes perfect sense to me as
    Natalya is one of (if not the) best female in-ring worker in the company...
    and I'm sure Nattie could help Ronda "adapt" to professional wrestling.
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  4. If they wanted Rhonda to come in with a push, be credible, and unique then why did they just bring up Sonya Deville with her MMA gimmick from developmental?

    That was a somewhat unique gimmick, seems it will take away from Rouseys arrival if it ever hapens.
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  5. Is this a trainee? You know, someone training for NXT?
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  6. She is an MMA fighter who got a lot of media attention in the US for the last couple of years.

    Her MMA career appears to be over, and she made an appearance on an episode of WWE (I can’t remember which show) leading to rumors she is going to sign on with WWE.
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    That is an interesting conundrum...but I can put it down to a few factors:

    1). The Ronda Rousey's WWE run is still just a possibility at this point
    & hasn't been confirmed with any type of signed contract and it may
    never happen...especially if Ronda has an "Ego" and isn't willing to
    work with or sell for certain performers.

    I will give Lesnar props...the man sells like a champion and while I
    personally find him boring to watch...he is a professional which I

    Ronda MAY not be like that.

    2). The WWE (FINALLY) realized how stale the entire women's division
    was and basically panicked and then threw a goth, a blonde & a brunette
    on to each brand without really thinking it through.

    Now Mandy & Sonya being teamed with Paige does kind of make sense
    because of the past connection the 3 have from Tough Enough...but the
    Riott Squad doesn't really make any sense when you step back and look at
    it...especially with Liv Morgan being a heel on SmackDown...with Carmella
    already being there.

    I mean those 2 women essentially look like a women's tag team that never

    There are other women who could have taken Sonya's place in this call
    up...but the WWE picked her.

    3). If Ronda does eventually show up in the is possible that her
    4 Horsewomen may be working on SmackDown with Sasha & Bayley
    traded to the blue brand for a certain amount of time. So it is possible
    that Ronda & Sonya will not have any interaction at all.

    They could also move Charlotte & Becky to RAW and stick Sonya on
    SmackDown for a while.

    Let's be honest here and state that the brand split doesn't really mean
    anything...and the WWE have proved that in the last few months...

    ~ Kane just appearing on RAW...and staying there...
    ~ A.J wrestling on a RAW pay per view & RAW itself...
    ~ John Cena just appearing on RAW to have a match with...that guy...

    The WWE will bend or break their own "rules" where they see fact
    I wouldn't be surprised if this 4 Horsewomen War angle does take place
    that all 8 women just show up wherever and whenever the WWE wants
    them to.

    4). Sonya Deville is nothing compared to Ronda Rousey as far as name
    recognition & star power she may end up back in NXT as soon
    as Ronda signs on the dotted line...and I'm sure everyone would understand
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  8. Ronda needs to build herself a little more before just being thrown into a main vent scenario with someone like Charlotte. Let her come in, dominate some people, and then move up. Her just stepping in and facing Charlotte would be stupid to me.

    Brock had to earn his keep, went to UFC, and then came back and was only a main eventer. Ronda is still a rookie with Pro wrestling. Thus, don’t just hand her the main events on name value when we’re not entirely sure she’s capable of main events, but also has she earned it?

    A tag match is one thing, and a singles match is another. Her “main eventing” in a tag match would be fine. But going head to head with Asuka or Charlotte as of now could be terrible.
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  9. Normally I would agree with you...and I agree everybody should
    "earn" a main event/big match spot...


    I believe Ronda should be given the big matches/possible main events
    on her name value.

    She is actually capable of of being the "Brock Lesnar" of the women's division
    and her mere presence would be a huge boost for the women's wrestling as
    a whole.

    They could possibly give her a few squash matches on RAW or SmackDown
    to build her up...but not putting her in the most high profile matches they could
    while she's under contract would be a waste of money & time.

    Like I said...normally I would agree with you...but this is a special circumstance
    and must be treated as one.
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  10. Yeah they can milk it really and draw in more views for the women but it has to be done the right way. If she is willing to commit to it, then by all means try it and see what happens. What I can't help but think is that her past training will hinder her WWE ability. She may end up hurting someone.
  11. That is a fair call Snake...but all depends on
    how her matches are booked and who she works with.

    One of main reasons I think Ronda should "fight" Charlotte
    or Asuka is that both the Queen & the Empress are incredibly
    athletic & tough and could handle a botched spot or an accidental
    "shoot" strike here & there while (hopefully) still remaining

    I think the key with Ronda would be to keep her moves simple
    put high impact...and I doubt the WWE would want to see a match
    where Ronda simply goes full on "UFC" on the other woman.

    I think it would be really easy to book a short, high impact match...
    and hey I'm here why don't I just type it out.

    Also for context this idea was typed out on the 5th of December.

    So...lets say for argument sake that Carmella still has her briefcase
    and Charlotte is still the SmackDown women's champion.

    Its a one on one match for the title...and Ronda's first actual match...
    (which will allow the WWE to pitch some kind of "Making History at
    Wrestlemania bullshit they have Cole constantly spitting out of his
    face hole). basically book the match the same way they booked Lesnar
    vs. Goldberg at Wrestlemania 33. 5 or 6 minutes of high impact moves...
    hell...simply have Charlotte & Ronda hit each other with multiple types
    of suplexes and power moves for the first 3 or 4 minutes until they are
    both "gassed" then you can build to a few submission spots...say Charlotte
    puts Ronda in an armbar while Ronda puts Charlotte in the figure four
    leg lock.

    Then you build to the moonsault spot and just as Charlotte is about to leap...
    Carmella's music hits. Charlotte leaps and hits the moonsault but Ronda
    counters the impact into an armbar (I'm thinking Ronda will be using it
    as her finisher) but...Charlotte gets to the ropes as Carmella sprints to
    the ring.

    Seth Rollins style...she quickly cashes in, the triple threat match is announced,
    hits a superkick on Ronda and throws her to the outside before locking Charlotte
    in the Code of Silence.

    Charlotte tries to fight it but has to tap out before Ronda can get back in
    the ring and Carmella scoots off with the title leaving Charlotte & Ronda
    to face off and (possibly) shake hands after the dust has settled.

    Then if the match is a success and the fans want to see it again...then you
    book Charlotte vs. Ronda Rd.2 for SummerSlam...and possibly Rd.3 for
    Survivor Series.

    I know it ain't happening that way...but...that's how I'd book it.
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  12. What will be the hinderance is her ability to sell. Some of the previous MMA guys weren’t particularly great sellers.

    I never thought Ken Shamrock sold it.

    If she is willing to sell to her opponents, and doesn’t let ego get in the way she might be entertaining.
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  13. Fair enough. But she should literally only have about 5 moves she sticks to, or various submissions. I can’t see her “wrestling” and even somewhat keeping up with Charlotte or Asuka in an actual match. She doesn’t have the experience.
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