News Ronda Rousey Training for WWE Career Soon

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Jul 24, 2013
Ronda Rousey and WWE may be working once again in the future. reports that Ronda Rousey has expressed interest in coming to WWE and has went as far as to learn some of the basics from a WWE Superstar.

According to a source within WWE, Rousey was referred to Brian Kendrick for training purposes in Southern California. WWE had previously referred Eva Marie to Kendrick as well.

Many are aware that Rousey made an appearance at the Mae Young Classic back on July 13 and 14th. The word going around backstage at the tournament was that Rousey’s training would start soon and she’s taken some basic bumps and other things thus far.

With WWE recently doing a tease between WWE and UFC’s Four Horsewomen, it’s very possible that something will come from that angle in the future.

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