Bets Ronda Rousey vs Floyd Mayweather

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jul 16, 2014.

  1. Street Fight. Who wins and why?
  2. Rousey by a mile. She is down on a lot more than one style and Money may be great at what he does - but in no way could I be convinced nearly anyone female or male are going to beat Rousey.

    Forgetting the flash knockout possibility, she fucks him up something serious. Dana White on here is just great (which i'm sure you've seen)
  3. I heard Dana White discuss this. He's a mark but he has a point. Rousey crush May.
    I've heard her background. Almost entered the coast guard, high caliber swimmer.
    She isn't a gym rat, very much Lesnar-like in that she trains with the mentality that's very primal.

    Mayweather is a boxer, the best. This isn't a boxing match. She'd lose that handily.
    If nothing else, her tenacity would end it quick. Without a ring and breaks between rounds, May loses.
  4. lol was hoping to get a couple of noobs to take the bait and you two fit the bill.

    Nah, Ronda wouldn't stand a chance. Her footwork is terrible and she probably has 100 X less speed than Floyd. She would plod forward trying to clinch and eat a combo and her mind would be separated from body.
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  5. In a street fight? Speed is overrated in street fights.
  6. Ronda cause Money wouldn't hit a woman. Although, my money is still on Mayweather.
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  7. Clever, as in hitting below the belt.
  8. How so? He is going to use his speed and footwork to avoid Ronda's clinch attempts (while firing off combinations as well).

    It isn't like they would be fighting in a phone booth. Mayweather could easily use movement and angles to stifle Ronda's attempts to grapple. Not that it would last long. Floyd would circle, she would eventually try to close the distance and she would get lit up in doing so.
  9. Mayweather's greatest asset is his head movements. He's able to dodge blows at the very last moment.
    The 'speed and footwork' used in boxing is different than the speed and footwork need in the octagon.
    I'm not saying he wouldn't land blows. Quite frankly, Mayweather isn't a hard puncher either.
    I do believe that if she does take him down, May can maintain control with his hand speed.
    May's best bet is to avoid submitting, once that happens, she isn't letting go.
    May is the better athlete, but Rousey is better prepared and will do so accordingly.
    May is always prepared for a boxing match but his experience in MMA is limited to sparing I'm sure.
  10. I'm pretty sure Mayweather would shit on Rousey.
  11. Yeah, but that doesn't mean he'd win. It just means he'd be taking a dump and Ronda Rousey.
  12. He'd beat the fuck out of her and then take a shit on her chest. That's how Floyd rolls.
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  13. It be funnier if Dana White sh** on her chest, too
  14. Sean Penn would come in and tie them both down and beat the shit outta them.
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  15. Gina Carano is still hotter.
  16. May weather absolutely sucks as a P4P boxer as well as a boxer in general. Rousey is overhyped as an individual fighter. I'd want to see a no decision.
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  17. Typical Nero post. Wouldn't expect anything less. Awesome.
  18. cool
  19. leave off lad

    he was bullied in school. which is why he was so bitter
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  20. Guys, you are forgetting one thing. Floyd Mayweather always beats women.
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