Money in the Bank Ronda Rousey vs. Nia Jax announced for Money in the Bank.

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by The Sheik, May 14, 2018.

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  1. Ronda Rousey to challenge Nia Jax for the Raw Women’s Championship
  2. I have a few problems with this...

    1 - Nia can't wrestle very well.
    2 - Ronda is new to wrestling.

    I hope that no one gets hurt but this just sounds like a bad idea.
  3. I'm curious what the finish will be, because Ronda is not losing clean and she is also not becoming champion this soon.
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    Yes I change title from WWE YouTube because it title wrong.

    But my take on this it WAYYYYYY to soon for her to be getting a title shot. And I pretty sure she winning.​
  5. I would not put it past WWE to give her a belt already.
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  6. Jesus Christ. Someone needs to beat Vince's ass into the ground.
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  7. A RAW woman wins MITB and interferes in the title match. This prevents Ronda from losing the match while also preventing her from wining the title and providing justification for her not to challenge for it for a little while. Ronda might feud with Ms. MITB assuming Nia the cash-in doesn't become official. Assuming this is the path that is taken, I'm guessing that Alexa Bliss will win MITB. Sorry, Grievous.
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  8. Honestly your scenario is much much better than the alternative
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  9. The alternative booking in WWE's mind, maybe. I for one wouldn't mind an alternative where Ronda doesn't immediately challenge Nia. It's really silly to promote this "conquering bullies" character as champion only to have her lose the title two months after winning it. I can't say the actual match quality will be something I look forward to either.
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  10. @soild snake Damn.
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  11. The "women's revolution" seems to be Vince just making things worse. It is the screw job all over and Vince is screwing all the women! (Though this time it is not in the literal sense)
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  12. Ronda will win the belt against Nia, I can almost guarantee it, but in all honesty, I really don't care nor like either woman so I wouldn't care who wins. Also, if Ronda does lose to Nia, then I may die from laughter and become a Nia fan, lol.
  13. @Seth The Kingslayer She wins by DQ, She win and then the MITB winner cash in? I mean there are these that can happen...
  14. If Nia pins Ronda cleanly with no bull, then that would be hilarious. I wouldn't even care if the MitB winner cashes in and gets the belt from Nia afterward because the fact Ronda lost to Nia is just glorious. If Nia wins by bull then it would be no surprise and I will just complain about it like everyone else on here, lol.
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    Like I said said Ronda mostly will win by DQ there no way she losing clearly.
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    Which way I said if because I know it won't happen.
  17. Put the belt in Ronda. Nia ain't making any waves. Ronda winning the belt will get 1000 times more media coverage and publicity and bring more viewers and fans to WWE. That was the point of signing Rousey to WWE, to bring in more viewers, especially females. Vince also probably wants to have Rousey and Lesnar both hold the titles at the same time.
  18. I'd pay to see that
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  19. To be honest, I think the part of this I dislike the most is the incredibly boring and laissez-faire way they went about making the match. Just some stupid carpet event where Nia Jax is like, Ronda fight me for the title please, and Charlotte peer pressures her into accepting it? That is so lame. It was smart of WWE to have Ronda reluctant to the idea though, they want to make sure they contrast her character from Brock by making her someone respectful of the business, having her reaction being to go "there are more deserving woman" is a decent way to attempt to combat the hatred her push will generate from several of the die-hards (I don't think it'll work mind you, but I appreciate them trying).

    All that said, I honestly don't care if she wins it at Money in the Bank. Part of this is plain detachment from the current Raw Women's division, but a lot of it is that I prefer Ronda wins the title before her fated Mania bout with Charlotte. We all know Ronda's going to be champion at some-point, if they waited til Mania it's clear that the story of the first ever women's WrestleMania main event will be about Ronda's coronation. If she's already as established former champion, or even the champion going into Mania, than the story will more likely be about Charlotte conquering her like. I far prefer the latter scenario, so if Ronda getting sky-rocketed as the champion is the way to lead to Charlotte's victory at Mania, so be it. And with the Money in the Bank around, they have an easy way to get the title off Ronda so Ronda doesn't have to hold the title til Mania if she wins it.

    And for the record, I still think this is too soon and totally get why other people are more pissed at this than am I, I would've waited til SummerSlam at the earliest to give her a title shot, and I'm not even saying she should win it here but it's not going to really bother me if they pulled the trigger at Money in the Bank.
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