News Ronda Rousey wants to become Divas Champion

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, Oct 28, 2015.

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    Ronda murdering pretty much the entire divas division would be a cool sight to see, I guess.
    She's a legit asskicker, so her tying every diva in a knot would be believable.
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  2. You know if Vince could pull it off, he would let her do it. It would draw in a lot of money.
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  3. The problem is, Dana White will not let Ronda compete in the 'E as long as she's in the UFC.
  4. The fact that she put being the Diva's Champion last on her list probably says it all. If she really wants to be known as the greatest female athlete of all time, then coming to WWE should realistically be the very last thing on her mind.

    Ronda is better off chasing after those other accomplishments in sports she mentions and/or just trying to carve out a nice little career for herself in Hollywood before the public's captivation with the novelty of her success wears off completely. Plus, can you imagine how ridiculous it would look seeing her walk around with that shitty-looking butterfly title on her shoulder? It's even worse than imagining Brock walking around with the spinner title.
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  5. I wouldn't like to see Ronda in WWE. She's better than that.
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  6. Her and Brock should have monster babies.
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  7. Ronda will be in the wwe in 18 or 19 more than likely, she has a lot to accomplish IRL before worrying about a given in WWE.
  8. She is 28. If she is doing the wwe thing, it will be in the next 10 or less years
  9. So you agree with me genius, I said the next 4 years.
  10. To be fair, she is a real athlete, not a poser like most (not all) of the divas. It isn't just about her looking in shape, she actually has to be in shape. Most divas get by on good looks which is why the whole division sucks. If women like Ronda came into the wwe, they would have to can the diva bs and be legit like the male side of wrestling.
  11. I didn't get 4 years out of that...
  12. Oh you mean matches? lol oops
  13. I'd like to not lose all respect for her. She's way too good to be a 'diva'. She's legit one of the best female fighters in the world and this would be a huge step down for her.
  14. I think he meant as in "2018, 2019". Being fair, though, I was also confused and could only figure it out once he called you out.

    As for the thread, I don't think I want to see Ronda being called a "diva". Certainly not with the butterfly belt. But other then that? Sure, I'd love to see Ronda monster heeling the divas division. I just hope her thrash-talking is enough to make the wwe crowd boo a woman for once.
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  15. Is this chick insane?... She's better off in UFC... She must be a huge wrestling fan to want something like that.. She'll make more money in UFC and always be a bigger star... All the divas are nothing compared to Ronda Rousey.
  16. Oh right. Well damn. I didn't get that at all.
  17. Well, yeah. Why did John Cena rap? Why did Michael Jordan play baseball? Why is cm punk on the ufc while writing comics?

    Sometimes the things you do to make a living are just what you're best at, not necessarily something you enjoy more than anything else. If you earned enough influence while doing something you like, I think it's smart, not insane, that you use it to do something you love.
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  18. The answer to both those questions is.... Money!
  19. John cena is debatable, but Jordan would have made objectively made a shitload more money if he hadn't retired in the first place. Either that or the gambling conspiracies are true...:silva:

    Anyhow, celebrities do things that aren't on their best financial interests just because they feel like it all the time. I mean, the overwhelming majority of people do sports and other activities for fun, not money.
  20. UFC offers nothing close to what WWE offers in terms of money. WWE runs more shows, has more exposure around the world and gets the billions yearly. They can definitely buy off Rousey.

    I personally don't think Rousey going to the divas division would be a smart move. I mean it would be fine if she was allowed to fight for the Intercontinental and United States like Chyna, but WWE is really against man-on-women violence so I don't see it working. She should just stay where she's at. Maybe a few appearances in the WWE wouldn't hurt but the farther that piece of shit title is away from her, the better. Now let me watch her rack in 13-0 next month.
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