MMA Ronda Rousey's Enemies Collide! Cyborg vs Nunes

Discussion in 'Sports' started by garyp, Jul 15, 2018.

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  1. Rumors say this fight is signed! Cyborg the baddest woman on the planet a women who many feel Ronda ran from vs Amanda Nunes the woman who wrecked Ronda & retired her from MMA are going to battle. Who wins Cyborg or Nunes?

  2. It'll either be amazing. Or brutal. Hard to tell
  3. Pulling for Amanda Nunes in this fight.. It should be good, or it will end quick.. Cyborg said this could be her last fight.
  4. That's what everyone thought about ngannou and Lewis at 226.... big fight between 2 knockout specialists. Ended up being a 3 round snoozefest. Worst heavyweight fight ever.