Evolution Ronda vs... NIKKI!? (Evolution PPV)

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Solid Snake, Aug 23, 2018.

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  1. [​IMG]

    What kind of horse :emoji_poop: is this!?

    There is another reliable report out regarding the planned WWE Evolution main event. According to the Wrestling Observer, Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey will face Nikki Bella in the headline match of WWE’s historic all-women’s pay-per-view.

    “The lead idea for the Evolution main event on 10/28 at the Nassau Coliseum is Rousey vs. Nikki Bella,” wrote Dave Meltzer. “With the idea you are headlining with the two biggest mainstream women stars in the company.”


    What in the actual :emoji_fire::emoji_imp::emoji_fire: are they thinking with this booking? If this is true...

    I just have no words. Well done, Vince. :emoji_zipper_mouth:
    Talk about a screw job only in 2018, you are screwing a lot of women.

    Well, that can be misinterpreted. Oh well, :emoji_point_right::emoji_ok_hand: it.

    (I am using emojis ironically because this has to be a joke)
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  2. Horse shit is putting it mildly.

    Can these dumbasses not think of anything better than this?

    Nikki is better than Brie, that's not saying much, but she's still shit. She doesn't feel like a star, she never did.. This just some lame attempt at publicity, not knowing the E! audience don't give a shit about pro wrestling.

    Everybody on the roster is a better option than Nikki.

    Meltzer is usually full of shit, but watching their promo and in-ring segment at SummerSlam, it looks like it might be true.
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  3. I am hoping this doesn't happen. It is a slap in the face to a lot of women who can out-wrestler her.
    No offense to Ronda, but she isn't exactly a great wrestler herself so putting two "okay" women in a match is just bleh. Not main event material to say the least.
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  4. This has to be a joke. Some of the bonehead ideas they come up with is mindboggling.
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  5. I am just referring to this match, if it happens, as a dead meme.

  6. She isn't on the poster.
  7. ...I can't believe this... Like this is so obviously bull, how am I about to go devil's advocate on dog shit like THIS!? Nikki!?!?!

    To me, the ONLY way the Rousey title win is for her to go the full Brock Lesnar run.
    Lesnar bounced between face and heel so many times depending on the opponent. Against a heel (or Cena) he was the ultimate bringer of justice. After slimy Seth wormed his way out of the Raw after Wrestlemania 31 and he destroyed shit fans were BEGGING for a rematch.
    Against a face, he was the ultimate obstacle, The streak-breaking, neck-snapping, suplex delivering MMA badass who's been damn near unbeatable since his reign began (yeah Goldberg, hold yer horses Jake)...

    The only way for this to really be effective is for Kairi Sane, Sasha, Asuka, Ember, one of the workhorses shows up as an underdog against the unbeatable MMA badass and scratches and claws her way to a victory... but who? Nobody on the Raw roster has any momentum at all right now due to their stupid booking of six woman tags. There's no reason to feed one of those girls to Ronda now.

    In a weird way, Nikki's the perfect opponent for Ronda because she's an effective heel, okay enough worker (if Ronda can get a quality match out of Nia Jax she will with Nikki) and probably the best powerhouse wrestler the women's division has seen in some time. I can buy a Nikki Bella forearm strike downing Ronda. Just due to her style I can buy Nikki lasting 5 minutes in the ring with her, maybe not much more, but...

    This only works if they build up a woman, any woman, besides Charlotte and Ronda up. Honky Tonk reigns =/= build. So do this little filler match, main event Charlotte and Becky (I'd make it a fatal 4 way with Sasha and Bayley), and find better ways to spotlight your women than the same six-woman tag every week lol
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  8. Honestly...

    I don't mind this.

    Seriously...better for Ronda to wrestle
    Nikki Bella than Alexa, Nia, Stephanie
    or Alicia Fox.

    I just hope Nikki's neck is 100%...I
    wouldn't want Ronda to be responsible
    for any kind of injury & be blamed for
    it like the Sasha/Paige incident.

    If its Ronda/Nikki & Charlotte/Becky...
    then to me that makes sense...hell...
    even if its Becky/Asuka with Charlotte
    taking a step back for a night.

    Yes I just said that.

    Yes! All of this! In my Face! Now!

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  9. [​IMG]

    Ronda I think would beat her self up for that too which would not be good.
    Nikki is a bit of a risk and regardless of your feelings about Alexa, she is a better wrestler for safety reasons.
    I would rather see someone like Natty be in this match though as she is experience and would put on a great match with Ronda.
  10. [​IMG]

    No! No more Alexa Bliss...lock her in a small cupboard for a year!

    Oh I agree...Natalya or Mickie James would be capable of putting on a much
    better match with Ronda...in fact a triple threat with Ronda/Nattie/Mickie could
    be absolutely amazing...BUT...(Bayley's Butt) Natalya & Mickie James aren't
    as well known as Nikki & her Bella Empire...and as much as I hate saying this...
    in the WWE...wrestling skills aren't enough.

    God I hate myself for typing that.

    Well...I hate myself in general but I hate myself even more now that I've typed that.
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  11. For some reason I thought of this:

    They put too much bank on the Bellas. Before John and Nikki, they were both basically arm candy for the guests at the shows.
    I am not even a fan of Mickie and agree.

    "Bella Empire" sounds like something that should be banned on here... lol
    Just revert your attention to Roman Reigns :kitler:
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  12. I was going to make a ventriloquist dummy joke
    involving the creative team's hands inserted into
    a certain place...but I wasn't sure how to word it.

    Hey...they were on the Flintstones...


    I mean that counts for something right?


    *Cue Crickets Chirping*

    Its actually kind of sad how lackluster her second
    WWE run has been...& honestly...the WWE hasn't
    even pushed her as a Veteran/Legend at all.

    She's basically been playing the role of Alexa's Mum.

    Serious...sounds like a great name for a heel faction...
    Nikki, Brie, Alicia Fox, Mandy Rose & Live Morgan...
    that could work.

    Great idea...Thanks Hitler Cat!
  13. [​IMG]

    Yeah and this hasn't been fair to her at all. A lot of the female legends get treated crappy in comparison to the male ones.

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  14. Tumbleweed & Son...coming this fall to NBC.

    Yeah...when the male veterans/legends come back...they get
    to shit all over the current talent & look so awesome doing it...
    even if it is actually killing the WWE with nostalgia.

    Its hard to find balance...I mean I know they brought Mickie back
    to help the entire division & the women's locker room...but she hasn't
    really shown any authority...like maybe a little with her feud with Becky...
    but Becky went over & that was it really.

    She has also swung back & forth between heel & face a couple
    of times which also hasn't help.


    I'm going to stop now.

    Okay...scrap that idea then.
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    What offence could Nikki have on Ronda? Ronda would just destroy Nikki like she did with Bliss.

    Ronda needs a formidable opponent, otherwise it just gets silly.

    Hulk Hogan Vs Andre The Giant. That's how you make big fights. Not Superman Vs Scrappy Doo. Even if they have the same social media followers.
  16. So...Anyone vs. Alexa Bliss?

    Well...what offense could any woman on the roster REALLY have on Ronda?
    I mean besides Shayna Baszler & Asuka at her most "stiff" & aggressive.

    Aren't you overthinking this a little Red?

    Its telling a story through staged combat...so perhaps they could book the
    match in a certain way to allow it to be entertaining at least?

    Say Nikki attacks Ronda from behind before the match during her entrance,
    she throws Ronda into the steel ring steps, hits her with a few chair shots,
    hits her with the title belt (some blood? maybe?), rolls Ronda into the ring,
    match starts proper, Nikki hits Ronda with everything she has early keeping
    her off balance & stunned...and then after a few minutes...well...Ronda can
    make her comeback...and then turn Nikki into a screaming puddle of blood,
    urine & vomit for the win.

    I mean...you can't really book Ronda Rousey "realistically" in the WWE
    because then every fight would be a 30 second submission squash match...
    apart from say Shayna, Asuka & MAYBE (big maybe) Charlotte.
  17. That is true. I think my main point is this is a waste of Ronda. Book her in a big high profile match against a formidable opponent with high stakes. I guess Evolution isn't the place to do it, just another predictable squash match
  18. Thanks...I think?

    Okay Red...

    Book it...

    Who should Ronda be facing at Evolution...and it has to be someone from the
    RAW roster for the sake of the brand split.
  19. Might aswell do Natalya. That could be really good.

    Charlotte vs Becky and Natalya vs Ronda are good headline matches.
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  20. It's weird, for a 10+ year veteran I honestly don't know how good Natalya really is... from what I've seen of her on TV she's very little of an upgrade over Nikki

    But at least she has a reputation as a wrestler, and there's some story there already. Even as a friendly competition turned into heated grudge match it could be pretty good
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