GFW Roode and EY give their notice.

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Snowman, Mar 19, 2016.

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  2. Roode to NXT I hope.
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  3. Being practical, think both of their ages will work against them. :okay:
  4. Roode to anywhere else except TNA.

    He has given too much to TNA with little or nothing in-return. They wasted him just like they did with AJ Styles. He spent 10 years with them and got two world titles and was stuck in the mid-card. The worst part was that he was the only one who drew any money in the last 1-2 years. Same with Eric Young. They squashed his underdog push as champion. Granted it led to the best monster heel push of the last 10 years, but Eric was the after thought. Glad-fully they left the place known for rewarding their biggest and most loyal stars with big fuck you and a kick to balls to show their appreciation.

    AJ Styles got signed and he's only 6 months younger. Same with Austin Aries and Samoa Joe, they're only a year younger. Also, Eric Young and Nakamura are the same age, so I don't see anything holding them back.
  5. My mistake, I seem to remember a story about some guys not getting signed due to their ages a while back.
  6. I heard that too. It was about them wanting a certain age for the try-outs. I just think they didn't want Joey Ryan's 1000th attempt at the try-out. So they added an age-limit. No one over 30, if I remember correctly.
  7. Somehow I seem to remember it was Hernandez... I can only wonder why they wouldn't want to sign him.
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  8. Boggle my mind, too.

    He has the look and athleticism and is a major hit with the hispanic audience. He would be the perfect hispanic gate-keeper. But I don't think WWE believes their hispanic face of the company should be someone that looks like they can beat anyones ass. They probably want someone small so they can run copies of Guerrero's or Mysterio's underdog story (i.e Kalisto vs. Ryback)
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  10. [​IMG]
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  11. Also EY could definitely be a sleeper for NXT.
    We can easily say all the bullshit this guy has gone through is undone over there, right?
    The one time a year the guy just wrestles with no bullshit he's actually really good

    I just complimented Eric Young, go check the Book of Revelations
  12. Seriously GLAD WWE never went Hernandez, do you kids remember him and Chavo in TNA when everything else was still great there. Dude has the Vince look and does a couple cool spots, but that is it. That's all.
  13. EY in NXT could be okay, never call him up.
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  14. Yep, I remember the LD's where everyone complained about them being tag champs, and the reaction to Morgan/Crimson taking it from them.
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  15. When Morgan was in WWE, what went wrong? I wasn't watching and thought the only thing that sucked about him in TNA was how shitty they ran him.
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  16. Hell no, call him up all you want don't call up Roode!!! I don't wanna see Roode midcarding on Raw :downer:

    Oh lord after seeing enough LU I totally forgot about Los Stereotypicos. DAMMIT AIDS! :why:
  17. Same deal. Stuck on Team Lesnar w/ Nathan Jones and never given a chance after.
  18. You're welcome. Roode midcarding on RAW sounds great. EY will just be another horrible jobber, and they have plenty.
  19. According to Taimapedia:

    • Matt Morgan returned to Smackdown after being down in OVW. When he came back, he was given a ridiculous stuttering gimmick, and would soon become Carlito's body guard, though that arrangement was dissolved when Carlito was drafted to Raw. Morgan was released a few months later.

      In his final WWE appearance, Morgan was in the middle of the ring as William Regal was making his way to the ring, but the Mexicools interfered during the entrance and attacked Morgan. William Regal awkwardly stood on the entrance path and just watched the beat down.
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  20. He must have been hell backstage? I really don't see what dude was missing. @Dolph'sZiggler any input bro? I think it was you or Seab that marked for him too.
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