Roode update

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Stopspot, Mar 10, 2013.

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  1. So Pritchard is an idiot what else is new?

    Wonder what the issues were. Did he want more money (considering when he wrote his five year deal he was a midcarder and now he is a main eventer)? Did he want out or was there some other issue or just Pritchard being pants on top of head retarded?

  2. Thank God it's all OK. Me happy.
  3. Please tell me they've signed him for at least years.
  4. I'll wait until the match is done until going into full joy mode. If they drop the belts they could have just signed him in the short term. Then again, Devon retained and was released two weeks later or something.
  5. #SUmmer of Bobby
  6. Roode leaving with half the tag title and going to some other company would be amazing TV. The story writes itself. Company guy who has been there since almost day one, carries the company on his back and busts his ass off, then the company doesn't care to keep track off his contract. I'd be pissed in that situation.
  7. I'd rather he lost it and then took the world title, it's a rip off sure but with one world title and not just introducing another it would be incredible, hell get the partnership back with ROH and have Steen vs Roode as Bobby declares himself the real world champion.
  8. Looking forward to see the match
  9. Inb4 they used the mass media, to hide the fact he is the leader of aces & 8's
  10. mass media? This only broke on the internet/dirtsheets. I don't think it brought that much media attention.
  11. I'd would have lol'd so hard if Roode jumped ship.
  12. The sky is blue
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