Roode vs Storm at Lockdown

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  1. Roode fairly

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  2. Storm fairly

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  3. Roode unfairly

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  4. Storm unfairly (beer bottle?)

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  1. Go ahead and call it.
    I think Roode is going to win fairly for once.
  2. Too close to call IMO. I would prefer Roode to win and Storm to win a rematch somewhere down the road, but I have a feeling Storm will win. Either way it is going to be an epic MOTYC
  3. Just going to go ahead and say Roode unfairly - they seem to have faith in him and rightfully so. Though not enough faith to actually give him a clean freaking win. I swear I've seen this match god knows how many times on impact.
  4. Roode wins imo, I'm really hoping Roode holds it to BFG then drops it Storm in an epic moment but that probably won't happen.

  5. This is the only time I can recall. What other matches have they had?
  6. They had the match in Wembley Arena, the match before BFG when Kurt was sending Roode against the Fourtune guys, the one where Roode won the title to begin with, the rematch which really didn't count, numerous tag matches...
    Which doesn't hurt the anticipation of the match at all imo. This is gonna be good.
  7. Forgot about the match in Wemley. The one where they were still friends in Fortune as well, but it had an entirely different dynamic of course. The tag matches they've been held apart for the most part.

    And they haven't had a PPV match, which is the key. TV matches can't really compare
  8. Plus it's in a cage which is a whole new ball game completely.
  9. Wasn't cussing it, I said I feel like I've seen it many times. That's why I despise these tag-team matches.
  10. I'm fine with the tag matches because they generally do a good job of keeping them apart with Roode being scared to face Storm. The match from this week's Impact was really good, especially Aries and Bully. you should watch it Crayo
  11. Yes it was good, nice moves by Aries.
  12. I did. I got a PM from Draine telling me the good bits to watch, so I watched Roode's promo and the tag-team match. I can watch Aries all day every day.
  13. Did you watch Aries' promo? It was better than the opening segment IMO
  14. Just watched it. Is it me or is he improving fast on the mic?
  15. Idk, I've always really enjoyed him on the mic but I'm a mark, so it's hard to tell.
  16. I compare him to Ziggler. Fantastic in the ring but always looked a bit lackluster on the mic, but over the recent months taken drastic strides and is becoming a top mic worker.
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