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  1. This has Already been Turned down i didnt see a Gfx section but i wanted to share it anyway. Hope no one gets mad. So let me repeat THIS IS NOT A SUGGESTION this is just showing a gfx.

  2. It looks good, just that this thread needs to be in the Locker Room.
  3. It look's good any reason why it was rejected?
  4. Doesn't fit well in the logo. Rock flows with it, this doesn't quite flow. Too LQ.
  5. Ah okay. :otunga:
  6. Where have I seen that Roode pic? :hmm:
  7. Have no idea, maybe on Google :otunga:
  8. Most likely! :smug:
  9. He's a little too close to the front I guess, not in the background like Rock/Ziggler is.

    But who cares it's Roode, do it Crayo.
  10. THE FUCK?! is that kellykelly next to #heel as your avatar? You ready to get e-raped? Crayo get him.
  11. Roode should be in the middle.
  12. lolno

    Rock > Roode
  13. Rock only being back once a year > Punk. But seriously, should be Roode, Aries, and Punk, in that order.
  14. Then it would be

    Hao bout no? :dawg:
  15. I own that domain btw ^^^
  16. Then make it the main title. Get less hits, but make daddy aids so happy. Now i plan on making every bet about becoming TNA instead of WWE. :true:
  17. [​IMG]
  18. Actually looked, currently parked by Godadday.
  19. Yeah, I'm going to be using it for SEO purposes when I get round to making it. Atm it's just there doing nothing.

    I can post proof if no one believes me.
  20. make it redirect to the TNA section of this forum.
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