Rookie of the year?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Dec 2, 2013.

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  1. With the calendar year closing on us soon WWE recently released an article declaring the Shield the rookies of the year. And that is interesting since we've had a year with a lot of debuts. Apart from the Shield we've had Langston, Fandango, the Wyatts as well as the repackaged Axel. I guess Cesaro can count as well for those wanting to be nitpicky.

    Do you agree with that? I do but I can also admit that it is easier to rank them as number one since they are a group. I'm not sure either of the three would have had the same level of breakthrough had they debuted individually as singles wrestlers. And to Langston's credit he is the first and only man to win both a developmental and main roster title in the same calender year, Rollins walked into 2013 as the NXT champ but lost it to Langston in January I believe. But still, the Shield has without the doubt had the biggest impact.

    Do you agree with the Shield being rookies of the year?
  2. Not the Shield, just Reigns.
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  3. In kayfabe it makes sense, for sure. Fandango was doing good at first but then it fell off a cliff. Axel, same. Cesaro and Langston are doing well in the midcard, and the Wyatts had the potential to be much better. The Shield was one of the main focuses on the show until a little while after WM, so I suppose they did have the most impact. I'm fine with that.
  4. 2013 has been a GREAT year for The Usos. But yeah, Shield have been constantly booked, so them IMO.
  5. Reigns has done a great job while being in the Shield, but when the Shield split up, he's a potential WWE or WH Champion. I'm not saying the Shield splits up and then Roman just challenges Cena for the WHC, no, but probably feuding for a midcard title and then getting a top title opportunity.
  6. Usos ain't no rookies
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  7. The Shield easily had more of an impact than any other new comer(s), but Rookie Of The Year implies one individual and no one in the group really pulled their weight more than the other two unless we count kayfabe reasoning (which we kinda have to, I guess.) In a kayfabe sense, Reigns was booked stronger than the other two in that he took a pinfall/submission loss only long after the other two did, plus he was the dominant sole survivor in their Survivor Series match. And out of all the matches that The Shield won as a team throughout the year, Reigns was the man to score the pinfall victory for them most of the time, most notably when he pinned John Cena (on Raw) cleanly with the spear and when he speared Ryback at Elimination Chamber (OK, Rollins was the one who pinned Ryback here, but it was the direct result of Reigns' spear just seconds before... this was back when Ryback had not yet taken a clean pinfall loss and still had something of an aura as a monster.)

    So, in a way, you can almost kinda give the award to Reigns IMO.
  9. Reigns, easily.
  10. THAT'S WHAT TEST DOES! Now testify to that, brother. :testify:
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  11. I know. Rookies kayfabe wise.
  12. Big E or Fandango. More solo work
  13. I'm with Danny. Big E.
  14. What is this bullhockey? Clearly Xavier Woods is the rookie of the year.
  15. Its gotta be Big E
  16. I agree The Shield has had the biggest impact, but like others I have trouble giving a singles award like RoTY to an entire group. Then again for me there were no single wrestlers that actually stood out that much more than the others. I thought Cesaro was going to really break out during his run as US Champ. But then he lost the belt and didn't do much until getting saddled with carrying Swagger's sorry ass. Big E is starting to look good with the IC belt and it will be interesting to see where this goes, but it is late in the year and no time left for impact.
    So I guess The Shield makes sense, in the end.
  17. The Shield for obvious reasons, but the two that made the most impact in the team are Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. It'll be interesting if only one member gets the award, which I kinda expect.
  18. I hope that Ambrose gets it. He has held the US belt for a long time, well after Reigns and Rollins lost the Tag Team belt. I have come to believe that him carrying that belt and getting more attention than the others may eventually be a catalyst for The Shield breaking up. If he does win RoTY by himself, this will just further hasten the break up. Which I am looking forward to very much. I want to see what they can do apart from each other.
  19. I can see Roman turning on him, then possibly going after the US belt. :hmm: Would be interesting to make the US title a small part of the Shield's break up.
  20. But Ambrose isn't getting the most attention of the group. He's if you look back actually the least used member for the last couple of months. Roman and Rollins (mostly Roman) have caught up.
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