Roray's Just Not Funny

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by DK James, Dec 2, 2013.

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  1. When Roray's joke gets posted before his slow mind can think of it first, this is the result.
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  2. :please:
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  3. The struggle is real
  4. never heard of him/her
  5. It's okay, my father hasn't either. :please:
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  6. Expecting him to get a push in 2014, did some okay indy work in MachinimaPalooza
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  7. I'll keep an eye out for him
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  8. #FunnyOrNotHereICome
  9. Sounds like one annoying fuck.
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  10. I hate having to deal with him
  11. lmfao fag.
  12. I'll have you know that Roray was head advisor to the queen of England.
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  13. I'm sorry for this. Roray told me if I didn't post it he'd cry more. Had to make it stop.
  14. Who's this Roray person? Never heard of 'em. Meh, either way don't care bro
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