Rosa Mendes Arrested

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Aug 6, 2012.

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  1. No, not prostitution.

    Lmao Scott ftw
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  2. No offense, but why is she there?
  3. A certain #OralAgreement was mentioned a few months back.
  4. :sad: First Prime Time Players mess with her shoot now this? Hope she gets cleaned up after this. I like watching her.
  5. ahahahahahahahah. How your mind works
  6. Hashtags are coming back? :yay:

    Also she's decent playing the valet role IMO, she's probably still using her head to keep her job however.
  7. Lol of course, someone drugged her up!
  8. Hope this doesn't effect Primo and Epico. I love watching them have matches. They are great in the ring.
  9. Managers are starting to fuck up their teams now :sad: First AW, now Rosa, so much for the division if the teams get affected :upset:
  10. So was she arrested for public intoxication or what? With her supposedly being arrested as soon as she got off her flight, I wondered.

    Also, Stanford is great.
  11. Drunk? Stoned? #OralAgreementWithPilot?
  12. What's she good at, swaying left to right whilst speaking random words at spanish at Epico and Primo's opponents? If yes, I must say I do agree with you :dawg:
  13. WTF lol my god Rosa sort yourself out
  14. Init. I don't get why she doesn't just act like Kelly Kelly and be a role model to millions.
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  15. Maybe she got drunk then made #OralAgreementWithPilot while stoned?
  16. She's hot and bounces whilst wearing little to 0 clothing, what more do you want from a valet? She wastes no TV time also, as Epico and Primo are tearing it up in the ring at the time. You should know by now, good wrestling + scantily clad women = A good day in Seabs' mind.
  17. Well you're ambitious I'll give you that.
  18. :sad: Went to far there Crayo. Send an apology email to Rosa when she gets out of jail.
  19. This made my day.

    Woman getting off her plane drunk... sounds like something that happens all the time. Chances are the cops just wanted an #OralAgreement of their own
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  20. :jericho: I do my best. Everyone should multitask, and I have high hopes for Rosa (no pun intended), so I'll say she managed to do all three before getting arrested. :emoji_wink:
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