Roster cuts coming soon

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Arrow, Feb 23, 2012.

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    Budget cuts??? McMahon is a rich bitch... How can he not afford to "pay" superstars? Lame.
  2. If you won't use them, why have them?
  3. They have spring cleaning every year... no difference.
  4. Curt Hawkins, we wish you the best in all of your future endeavors
  5. They do have spring cleaning, but they always get rid of the best and keep the worst... Like Khali, Show, Mahal, that other dude from India...

    They need to bring back 1 big star for every 2 they drop..
  6. Bye Zeke.
  7. Vince's fetish for biceps will probably save him.
  8. Do you think they will drop Santino?
  9. Santino is REALLY over.
  10. No way, do you see how much the fans love Santino? He's fine.
  11. Yea Zeke aint going nowhere
  12. would be hilarious if they rehired Chris Masters and at the next spring cleaning Best of luck in your future endeavors chris


    well zeke is getting a bit chubby

  13. Zeke's getting a semi-push right now and he's over with the fans. He's Teddy Long's pick for SmackDown against Laurenitus. He is losing but, hey Teddy picked him.
  14. He's not over at all, but he is getting TV time as a guy jobbing to Otunga...
  15. There are 6 or 7 guys that are over, so that's not really the best way to try and judge who will be getting cut
  16. Lol wasn't using it to judge, was simply saying he's not over despite the desperate SmackDown canned pops.
  17. SD gives everyone the exact same canned pops/boos
  18. Evan Bourne has been suspended twice for violation of the Wellness Policy, I wonder if they'll just go ahead and let him go.
  19. I hope they cut Bourne. He would be a great addition to the X Division
  20. After seeing this thread, I think one of them will be Drew.
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