News Roster told to step up with Cena gone

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Aug 22, 2013.

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    Right message to send.
  2. Jeez. Cena was THAT big huh? I guess I just never noticed.
  3. I think that's a tremendous message for WWE personnel at any time, but now that Cena will be out for six months, now would be the perfect time to step it up.

    You can already see D-Bry, Punk, Ziggler, ADR, and some others stepping it up. The next few months are going to show us who the real future of the company is.

    Ruthless agression!!!!!

  4. Push Riley!
  5. Ok, I know this is a thread for something else, but I keep seeing that Cena pic in signatures^. Is he smoking something in that top right part of the image or what? It sure looks like he's got something in his mouth. Sorry, it has been bugging the hell out of me.
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  6. Looks like a toothpick from someplace like Sonic where they wrap some colored plastic string around the end of the toothpicks for color.

    Good tangent.

  7. Oh ok, I can see that. I kept thinking it was a half smoked something. Thanks.
  8. Push Riley!
  9. I agree, nice message to send. Curious to see which guys will step up.
  10. In a way, This is a good thing, Yeah its bad to see Cena so badly injured but this is the time where the younger guys will get more of a spotlight.
  11. How does someone "step up" in a fixed sport? I'm sure they mean bring your A-game in the ring when it comes to performance but I'm sure the talent is already willing to do that anyway. More like the writers and top level officials backstage should step their game up by trying to push and highlight newer stars without Cena there in the spotlight. Show people that there are other people in the company that can be stars because the talent can only do so much, it's all about the booking and the story lines they construct for people. Promos are pretty much scripted to a tee with few exceptions these days.
  12. I would think maybe prove why you should be used and even if your in a short match make it as good as you can instead of just getting through it, Maybe go to the writers with ideas and maybe play your gimmick off more and make it look better not really sure.
  14. Bwahahahaha!
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  15. Give Ambrose some mic time and he'll shine in no time.
  16. That I'm sure of, it's just that there is plenty of talented people already in the company, it's mostly the fault of creative and officials (and Vince) if stars aren't made or interesting story lines aren't given to people. Ziggler, for example, was putting on probably about the best match he could with anyone they stuck him with for several months but as long as they kept him from speaking into the mic, he couldn't really show his personality much and get more over on that basis. And just having him job to person after person after person certainly isn't what I'd call putting him in an important program. (This has largely changed for Ziggler, I'm just using him as an example.)

    I realize I'm just nitpicking but still.
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  17. inb4 Cena wins the Royal Rumble...again
  18. I feel like creative should have been told to step up. They have some great workers who I cant seem to care about as they are stuck in the mid card wasteland with zero storylines and a ton of random matches.
  19. Well, I'd guess they were already bringing their A game and all.
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