News Rothschild Conspiracy Explained in 4 Minutes

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  2. I always found it funny that these kind of videos are uploaded on YouTube and Facebook. If there was an also seeing eye which ruled the world wouldn't they just remove them if they revealed some hidden secret? Or do these guys not give a shit about PR?
  3. I'm pretty sure your priorities aren't exactly like that if you're a billionaire who rules 1/10 of the world.

    "Hey, Boss, after you buy this private island, take out look at what the internet is saying about you."

    "OMG REMOOF NAO!!!!!!111"
  4. If you're a billionaire who's pulling the strings from behind the scenes of a global conspiracy which is reliant on people being compliant surely you'd care a bit, wouldn't you? Or at least there would be someone involved in the organisation who has some kind of issue with the whole game being revealed.
  5. They know the majority of people don't give a shit. They could come out tomorrow and reveal all their sinister plans and people wouldn't even looks twice. "oh wow, so Illuminati is REAL! Oh well. *tweets, faps, finishes watching reality tv show* ^_^"
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  6. Or maybe there isn't a global conspiracy. The world isn't a movie lol, there isn't a evil mastermind out in a volcano threatening to take over the world. There are many issues in the world but this just isn't one IMO.
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    There is no need to "take over the world", the rich already have done that. They are just working on cutting out the "middle class" now so there will only be the poor and the rich. The only way the working class can actually take back the world is if enough of them woke up and realized there is power in numbers.

    It is a shame that we live in a world where what Justin Beiber did last week is more important than human rights.
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