Rousey moment at WM Not Planned.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lackin, Apr 15, 2015.

  1. Ronda Rousey Says Things At WrestleMania 31 Didn’t Go As Planned
  2. The throw on HHH did look weird. Not sure why they didn't just have her use a normal judo throw on him.
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  3. Such a waste of 15-20 minutes.
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  4. I'm all for her making another appearance...she's not only hot, but extremely talented physically.
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. not sure how it is a waste of time when WWE makes Mania 4 hours so they can do shit like that. Smarks should stop putting Mania on such a pedestal if they don't actually enjoy what the show is all about
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  7. Hopefully she's done now. Last thing UFC needs is Rousey competing in WWE.
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  8. Lol they need her to get better competition
  9. For being a mania segment, it wasn't bad. It was a nice change of pace for the whole show.
  10. on the contrary I'm sure Dana would love the exposure for his cash cow
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  11. You bitch about every single show you've watched. It was over 10 minutes of no talking, just camera panning and stare downs.
  12. I also don't pretend to be excited for Mania every year because I know what to expect unlike some who every year get their hopes up that it is going to be some epic show lol

    plus the last show I watched I gave pretty solid reviews, so suck it Minkus
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  13. This last week? It got like a 2-5 rating. Either way, you feeling froggy son?
  14. No, the last show I watched was the Raw after Mania lol
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  15. Same here.
  16. While I don't agree that it was a waste of time, I do think it's ridiculous for an in-ring promo to end up the longest segment of the entire night even over the main event. But that's just HHH being HHH. He made sure to book himself to have the longest match of the night (his match with Sting clocked in at over eighteen minutes, which was longer than the main event itself which clocked in at just over sixteen), and then proceeded to book himself to have the longest segment of the entire show alongside The Rock, Ronda, and Stephanie as well. And he will now proceed to try and book himself in the main event of the biggest Wrestlemania of all time next year as The Rock's opponent, too.
  17. In fairness:
    The Rock, HHH, Rousey, Sting >>> Lesnar, Reigns, Rollins
    Lesnar is a big enough attraction, but the perception (at this time) is that Rollins and Reigns are no where near as popular as the people sharing segments with HHH.
    In WWE's lousy attempts to appeal to all demographics, they believe people wanted NWO v DX. They wanted HBK as the X factor and maybe they were correct.
    This is the problem with trying to please too many hats.

    HHH books larger segments not just to stroke his ego but because the 'perceived' star power influences his decisions.
    Had Lesnar been booked against Cena , Undertaker, Austin or the like then that segment would have been longest.... possibly.
    At any rate, Rollins and Reigns lack of name value drove down the time spent producing for that match
  18. Not entirely true. Reports say that Lesnar vs Reigns was meant to go around thirty-five minutes (counting the entrances) but had to be cut short due to the Rock/Rousey/HHH/Stephanie segment running longer than it was supposed to. Undertaker vs Wyatt was supposedly cut short as well, including the entire video package that hyped up the match.

    In my opinion, the main event should always be the longest match on the card (aside from the rare exception), especially when it comes to Wrestlemania. And yes, I think Brock and Reigns could have gone at least around 25-30 minutes and kept things interesting. They were doing a swell job of it so far (thanks more to Lesnar controlling the flow and pace of the match than Reigns, but I digress.)

    This isn't the first time (nor will it be the last) that something had to be cut short in order to allot more time to whatever HHH is doing.

    (Your avatar makes me hard, btw.)
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