News Rousey not Returning?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lackin, Apr 2, 2015.

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  2. I'm completely fine with never seeing her on WWE again.
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  3. I wouldn't mind to see her have a rivalry with Steph next year running up to Wrestlemania.
  4. I would. I do not care at all about MMA or MMA fighters so listening about it all the time in WWE sounds annoying (Brock doesn't count). Also, way to go with having someone from outside the roster get a storyline with Steph (if they mean to do so) instead of someone on the roster lol.
  5. Normally I wouldn't care for UFC/MMA fighters fighting for the WWE. but seeing as how WWE included the segment at WM I would like to see the match.
  6. You will though. She is a super mark and goes to a ton of live events. She is over as fuck and WWE will be glad to exploit her fandom to use her popularity
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  7. Didn't really watch the WM myself.
    Yes, sadly I'm aware of this.
  8. As long as she gets to be in such a meaningful segment like she was at WM, then I'll be more than glad to see her back. lol
  9. I would love to see her whoop Stephanie's ass. 2 lovely women battling to the death....:brockderp:
  10. If she's willing to make appearances at a discounted rate since she's such a fan I'd be cool with it.. but no use in spending money on it IMO.
  11. lol why the hell would you care. Big investor?
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  12. They have more important things to spend money on and with the loss they took with the Network so far they should really cut back on these types of segments.. although apparently Rousey did it for pretty much nothing so that's cool I guess.
  13. Just don't see why a fan would care. WWE isn't going to change its budget any based on bringing in Rousey or no.
  14. I got a couple of shares, nothing extreme though.. idk Rousey's cool and all if she wants to come up and do some spots or whatever on the low, but that contract she was about to sign was for more than almost every Diva makes in a year on that roster allegedly. That's a decent chunk of change for a 3-6 month part timer, although it definitely doesn't compare to Brock Lesnar's part time deal but IMO Brock draws money, not sure if Rousey would draw much money or extra viewers honestly.. also the time used on her segments could be used to have some better story builds but that's WWE's fault not Rousey.
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    She is nothing compared to Brock obviously, but she is probably one of the 3-4 most recognizable female athletes on the planet atm and would be the closest thing to a draw in the divas division. I don't know that she would draw money, but I definitely think a lot of her MMA fans, particularly newer MMA (female) fans who are mainly just Rousey marks, would tune in to see her at say Summerslam or Mania in a match or even just an advertised segment. Don't underestimate WWE's desire to tap into 8,000 different demographics. They want all types of fans, getting females to watch can be tricky.

    I hadn't heard anything about her almost signing a deal, not sure how that would work when she is under contract with the UFC.

    Time is no issue. I was actually one of the few who shit on her Mania segment, didn't appeal to me, but if they hadn't wasted it on her and Rock they would have wasted it on something else. People have to accept that Mania is 4 hours long and it isn't so they can have a bunch of half hour matches
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  16. I guess that's true.. she would draw more attention than the divas division itself.

    It was like a few weeks ago just before she signed her new UFC contract last week, it was set to expire.
  17. WWE/UFC need to work together on some contracts. It would have been perfect for Brock. UFC signs Brock to a contract while allowing him to work for WWE, gives him a stylistically easy fight to win, they make huge money, WWE gets to point to this and talk about how Brock is the baddest around, Brock gets to do both things he is great at + make twice the coin. Ronda, same thing but in reverse. Whereas Brock is the WWE guy fighting in the UFC occasionally, Ronda is the UFC fighter who can have some matches in the WWE. Hell, book her against men. That is something that has been discussed to death in hypotheticals by MMA/sports fans, so WWE booking her against a male competitor would likely draw.
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  18. Yh this would be the contract made in heaven. Anyway Brock's closed the door on MMA. (I think's it's for good.)
  19. I'd be down for a joint deal, that would have potential to draw viewers & money for both companies, do some cross advertising as well.. As for male opponents, I agree 100% I could see Ronda going against the likes of all the current jobbers.
  20. Brock opens doors based on the financial implications. I maintained all along that he wasn't returning to the UFC when most were speculating he might, but if the dollars are there he will do it.

    And again, the UFC could give him someone with poor TDD that he could maul and it would be relatively low risk for Lesnar + a MASSIVE payday for UFC. Lesnar vs Complete Unknown still probably outdraws literally ANY other match the UFC could realistically put on. Jones vs Cormier did like 700k, Brock vs Nobody probably does closer to 1 million
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