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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Cloud, Mar 27, 2013.

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  1. Need a rant. I've been waiting on a replacement drivers licence for 4 weeks. After contacting the DVLA on two occassions they have tracked down that its been at a Royal Mail depot for 2 and a half weeks waiting to be sorted and sent. Wtf is that about? Rant over.
  2. Postman Pat's fault..

    Dude's always late talking to all the people in the street...
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  3. Yeah Royal Mail sucks to be honest.
  4. Eurofags :pity:
  5. Lol dude left his van door open the other day and lost half his post. spent the episode pulling letters out of hedges. lol yes i was watching it on tv at work.
  6. Our postage systems are shit, it's like at christmas "OMG 3 PEOPLE SENT CARDS OUT WE'RE ALL SNOWED UNDER THESE LETTERS" it's your fucking job get a hold of your sack :gtfo: there and deliver that shit like your heart depends on it :woo1:
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  7. :gtfo: this is a Britfag and friends thread over, you gave the world FTJ you've done enough damage.
  8. Proper show to watch when there's nothing to do. :dawg:

  9. This.
  10. The other day the postman didn't even knock. He simply opened my door to put the package in the hallway, and he looked up to see me (alone in the house) naked.

    True story. I walk naked in the house when I'm alone. Why wouldn't you knock? I sort of see why they'd do it if no one answered. He didn't acknowledge me though. He put it in the hallway, looked at me, was envious of my package, and then walked out depressed.
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  11. Lol. Thats epic. Best i had was a builder come round at 2:30 am on his way home from the pub to quickly lift a floorboard back up as he had left his screwdriver underneath it and had remembered pissed up. So seeing a light on decided to do it on way home from pub haha.
  12. Put a lock on your door?

    The fuck is going on in that UK..:damnn:
  13. Why would I lock the door at like midday? The door was already unlocked for my brother to go to school etc. I'm just glad I was tidy downstairs :emoji_wink:. Made myself giggle with the awkward wink face.
  14. *Cornwall

    Don't be asscoiating them with us, that's like saying Belgium is in Holland or Xanth's in Sainsburys or whatever the opposite is to that joke Jonathan keeps on saying :nogusta:


    FU Fry :sad:
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  16. I.... I..... I totally understand what you're saying..

    I am sorry.
  17. Our house is always unlocked during day if ppl are in.
  18. :emoji_grin:afuq:

    Y'all don't have anything like this?


    Where you can simply only open it from the inside and open it with a key from the front?
  19. Why would we? No one bothers to rob anyone in Cornwall; there's nothing to rob. I'm surrounded by fields and like two houses consisting of old people. Security is something I need not worry about lmao. Unless of course the sheep go insane and try to rape me! :((
  20. Nope. Plus pointless as we leave ours unlocked so ppl can get in like family and friends etc its chocka at my place all the time always full of ppl.
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