Royal Rumble 1994

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  1. The Royal Rumble 1994 was not only the first WWF VHS I bought but the first PPV I ever saw, (I think I was seven). It literally made me love wrestling, and I can watch the whole PPV over and over (have done many times) and enjoy it as much every time.

    I don't think there has ever been a better line up for the rumble, but probably just my rose tinted glasses as it was the event that made me fall in love with wrestling.

    The actual Rumble line up was just immense, and don't even get me started on the Yoko Vs Taker match...Does anyone else agree it was pretty amazing?
  2. I forgot, there isn't often an opportunity to post a picture of Adam Bomb so to go with the above:

  3. Haven't watched this thing in years. I used to rent it quite a bit back in the day (that 'day' would have been somewhere around the late 90's/early '00's.) I wouldn't call it the best though, far from it. I loved Diesel tossing people out left and right and the co-winners idea but 2001 has a better line up of matches and a better overall Rumble match. There were a few other Rumbles superior to it as well, in my opinion.

    Speaking of the co-winners idea, I think it'd be cool if they did that again, only next time with the guys who drew #1 and #30 respectively. Would be awesome to see the last two men in the ring as the guys with the luckiest and unluckiest numbers of the match, and then both win after tumbling over the rope at the same time and the two of them end up challenging separately for the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship (it's up to WWE to figure out who gets the challenge for which title.) An idea for next year, perhaps.
  4. I think i'm heavily swayed by the fact that it was my first ever PPV I watched, and watched over and over.

    I don't disagree with you, 2001 was a good event.

    The two over the top rope could work again, not sure who it could be...maybe in a year or two Big E Langston and Dolph Ziggler both over the top rope after falling out in the lead up to the Rumble, that I would enjoy.
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