Royal Rumble Royal Rumble 2018 predictions-returns and debuts

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Neilbomb, Jan 7, 2018.

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  1. hey wrasslin' fans,

    how's it going? I was putzing around YouTube and saw clips about what might happen
    at the Royal Rumble in Philly. so, I saw one clip (I think Wrestletalk) and they had Top
    10 2018 Royal Rumble Rumors. so, here they are.

    10. Batista returns
    9. Trish Stratus returns
    8. Rey Mysterio returns
    7. War Machine debuts
    6. Ronda Rousey debuts
    5. Asuka wins Rumble-guess they want her undefeated until she wins the title.
    4. Roman Reigns wins Rumble
    3. Shinsuke Nakamura wins Rumble-guess AJ wants to face him for the title.
    2. Bobby Roode wins Rumble
    1. John Cena wins Rumble

    about Asuka, they discussed this past RAW where she beat Alexa Bliss. so, apparently
    while she may win the title, she may not face Bliss for the title. someone else (Paige?)
    might be the opponent. just a thought.
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  2. I wouldnt be surprised if Roman Wins the Rumble.
    It would be great in MY OPINION to see Rey Come back. Maybe he and Batista can teach the Younger Generation a thing or two. :emoji_grin:
  3. I now totally think Kurt Angle will be entering

    ....possibly doing something with Cena
  4. I think he's going to face against Triple H at Wrestlemania. It's kind of why they did what they did with Survivor Series. Ya know, rather than giving a spotlight to the non-part-timers and people already guaranteed for the Hall of Fame or in it already?
  5. I just didn't see HHH in the Rumble again but I guess he could do a run in and pedigree him

    Kurt's definitely in the rumble though
  6. That part, I disagree just with the fact he is a GM and every time he has competed it was due to outside forces. TLC, Roman was sick as a Dog (Ya get it?) and Stephanie forced him on the Survivor Series team. So unless Stephanie forces him to compete with her lady balls, nope.
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  7. Normally, I'd agree given Vince's (and WWE's overall) obsession with Roman but honestly, I'd be EXTREMELY SURPISED if Roman were to win. I've talked about this before pretty much in detail but here are the bullet points:

    1) Do you really want to make the same mistake twice and in the same city?

    2) Do you really want to kill Roman's somewhat momentum? Let's be honest, he still gets booed but it's not as bad as earlier this year (Shield reunion certainly helped) so what would you mess with that?

    3) Does he even need it? I think it's about time they gave the win to someone who NEEDS it for a change and give whomever that may be...caugh...Nakamura...caugh some momentum going into Mania season.

    4) The main event of 34 is pretty much a common secret amongst us and given chances for any change to that are slim to none, Roman can always win the Elimination Chamber match to become number one contender.

    5) Quite franklly, WWE have been presenting Roman to us fans as if he's some kind of God or ultra Superman so doesn't that alone qualify for a title shot for the main belt? Has he not been given fucking enough already?
  8. Out of this list, I'd say numbers 9 and 10 have more than decent chances (quite frankly, number 9 should be a lock if you ask me)...

    Aside from that, number 3 is the most logical choice. I've been talking about this for months and given how poorly they've used Nakamura over the past few months on SD, this would be the perfect way to give him that steam he's lost. Furthermore, it would set up the match we all arguably want to see and let's not forget that teased it already during that little moment at Money in the Bank. I just cant imagine WWE being THAT stupid and not seeing the money in this match...

    I'll try to give some more in depth thoughts on the Royal Rumble in the days to come but Nakamura has been my prediction for quite a while now and that'll be my official pick when we do the predictions contest....

    ...which brings me to number 5 on this list. I've already talked about this a few weeks back in another thread when noting my questioning on whether WWE would basically "allow Japan to dominate the Royal Rumble" and the closer we get to this event, the more I'm thinking Asuka ain't winning.

    Now, as of last night we already know that Asuka is facing Nia Jax next week and we also know Asula defeated Alexa Bliss last week, clean in the middle of the ring. My thinking is Asuka beats Nia next week or perhaps Alexa Bliss interferes causing some shit finish which will ultimately lead to a title match at the Rumble between the Goddess and the Emrpress. Pretty simple stuff if you think about it: Asuka stays out of the Rumble not having have to suffer the elimination keeping that undefeated/unstoppable factor in tact, plus she becomes champion (because in this scenario she obviously wins) and all this of course gives WWE the opening they could use to give the Royal Rumble win to somebody else...could be Paige, could be Nia Jax...could be Rousey (though I personally doubt it; wouldn't consider this fair to the rest of the women)...could even be Nikki Bella cause...John Cena....If it were up to me, I'd have Nia Jax win and set up Asuka vs. Jax for Mania....
  9. Anyone fancy a few NXT call ups then? Women & men?
    Payton Royce, Billie Kay
    Drew McIntyre, Aleister Black
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  10. Adam Cole & Tyler Bate would be cool.
  11. Sadly, Drew McIntyre is still out with his injury. So he's not going to redebut for a while.
  12. Adam Cole isn’t a bad shout!
  13. Have they put a timescale on his injury? I thought maybe it wasn’t as serious and they were keeping him off tv and low key until rumble???
    Maybe wishful thinking on my part
  14. It's going to probably be a couple of months before he's 100%. He was injured late November and it was a torn bicep.
  15. Whats the likelihood of Jeff being back for the rumble?
  16. Aleister Black should be kept in NXT for a while, whoever who moves to the main roster will be buried
  17. Tbh you’ve got a pretty good point everyone called up since mania 33 has been buried Barr Bobby Roode
  18. Would be good! But I reckon they’ll keep him and throw him into the middle of the fued between Matt & Wyatt which is why I think they’re dragging this story out, just waiting on Jeff medically
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  19. So it would seem WWE don’t communicate with E Network when it comes to broadcasting there latest Total Divas.
    Latest episode showed Nikki & Brie sat down with Caranno (talent relations) and discussing returning at the 1st ever woman’s royal rumble.

    Also Paige won’t be competing apparently due to injury suffered at a house show 2 week ago.
  20. Kurt Angle

    Marty Scurll