Royal Rumble Royal Rumble and Kane

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Tzesi, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. As all of you know Kane has dominated Royal Rumble the past years.
    Do you see him winning the main event after his huge return?

  2. Tbh, this year I wouldn't be surprised. He's dominated so much in recent years, it's Kane's match. He can break like 3 records this year aswell. Though, if he did win it, it'd rule out him vs Undertaker. So unless they're going to put him in the SD title scene, I don't think he'll win.
  3. I would rather a younger guy won the rumble. I really like masked Kane but he can't have too many years left and he's never really been a top tier talent imo. Plus I can see him turning it down he seems to want to put younger guys over more and more each year.
  4. Huge respect for Kane. Jericho done the same, they're the real hero's really of the business. Orton for the rumble win perhaps?
  5. It is ST Louis so it is a big possibility. I can't see many other options really beside Ziggler? It's probably too early for him though.
  6. Definitely won't be Ziggler, I wouldn't mind though, the guy is an immense worker. Best seller in WWE I feel.

    I'm predicting Orton, Sheamus or Barret. I'm hoping for Miz.