Royal Rumble Royal Rumble: Cena vs Kane discussion thread.

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. Predictions?

    Cena ruthlessly attacked Swagger on RAW, we're finally starting to see the angry side of John Cena. Perhaps Kane is getting to him? What's going to happen at the Rumble? I'm thinking Kane will win with some sort of interference, I can't see Cena just burying Kane already, but they don't like Cean losing clean.
  2. Cena needs to feud with Orton again.. It was funny as hell. Watch this video.

    As for Kane and John Cena, I predict Kane to come out on top, and Cena to turn heel after the rumble, anfd go into Wrestlemania as a heel. So the headline would be Heel vs Face, (Rock).
  3. They only feuded like 2 years ago. We don't want another one, lol.

    He won't turn heel at RR.
  4. Actually, they feuded 5 years ago, 07'.

    Also, You never know, he could turn heel at RR. Kane keeps saying, "You will learn to embrace the hate".
  5. They feuded in 09' too.

    Cena's heel turn will be the biggest in WWE history, even bigger than Hogans'. They won't waste it for RR, it'll happen (if at all) at Wrestlemania my friend.
  6. John Cena has more followers on Facebook then the WWE itself has, so it would be the biggest heel change ever to take place in the WWE, but he's slowly getting more and more hated with his resurrected ruthless aggression. Kane, being as heel as he is, might be the person to change all of that. Do you think Kane would interfere with the Rock and Cena at Wrestlemania?
  7. He's not getting more hated, Cena's never been liked. If anything him being more aggressive will get more adults on his side. And no, Kane won't be interfering. That match is absolutely massive, it's too big to not end cleanly.
  8. I see. Also, I liked Cena when he first came into the WWE as a smartass rapper. He was fricken beast then.. I also liked him when he was in his Chain Gang stage. Cena was so aggressive then. Even as a heel, I still liked Cena for some reason.
  9. Everyone did, he was amazing back then. His new gimmick was okay for a while but now it's just stale now, he's been the same since 06'.
  10. He's still a bad-ass in ring though, don't get me wrong.. But by badass, I mean he's not at his best. He should be legendary, not just badass.
  11. He's underrated now I agree. People say he sucks in the ring when he really doesn't, he could just do more. He just needs a fresh gimmick, he'll be back to his best in no time after that.
  12. Oh definately. Cena is one of the besy, if not, the best, in the WWE currently popularity wise, so Kayfabe will definately enforce something to make Cena better in the ring, so his fan base doesn't slip.. Hence why Kane is feuding with John Cena currently. Atleast, that's the way I look at it anyways.