Royal Rumble Royal Rumble Dream Returns

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by David Keenan, Jan 7, 2014.

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  1. Who would your royal rumble dream returns be. Mine are here

  2. Jeff Hardy is probably the only guy who could draw me back into WWE again and that's because it'd make me feel Nostalgic considering he has been my favorite since I started watching wrestling and he was also in the first match I saw.
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  3. Kurt Angle.
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  4. The Ultimate Warrior.
    Will mark so hard
  5. I'd say Angle just to hear the YOU SUCK chants again :yay:
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  6. .....Y2J, because i like to keep my dreams realistic.
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  7. Didn't know you were a Hardy fan as well... But lets be honest, he isn't returning to WWE, I read in PWMania some time ago he had re-signed with TNA through January 2015 and what he said about leaving TNA was a work because he couldn't attend to TNA's UK tour which will take part late this month so he isn't returning to WWE and he's also in TNA's roster list so that must mean something.
  8. Scott Hall
  9. Forgot to say, would love to see Goldberg appearing at the Rumble
  10. DDP BAM
  11. I like the answers given. hall, Goldberg, Warrior.

    DDP, would still mark to see Nash back again, STING, Hogan, Benoit
  12. Genichiro Tenryu.
  13. Kurt Angle, it'll be the greatest moment in the history of the world.
  14. If Goldberg returns they should sign him for a RAW appearance in a match vs THE BIG GUY RRRRRYYYBACCKKK!
  15. #MyManRyback wins!!!!
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  16. One can only hope HAHA :happy:
  17. Goldberg at number 30. :emoji_slight_smile:
  18. Jeff and Matt Hardy both returning would be an interesting sight
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