Royal Rumble Royal Rumble Entry List Predictions!

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by C.M. Shaddix, Jan 5, 2016.

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  1. I remember I made one of these last year, pick who gets what spot

    3.Bo Dallas
    5.Xavier Woods
    6.Alberto Del Rio
    8.Kofi Kingston
    9.Kevin Owens
    10.Sami Zayn
    11.Curtis Axel
    12.Heath Slater
    13. Big E
    14. Kalisto
    15.Big Show
    17.Chris Jericho
    18.Daniel Bryan (let me dream)
    19.Samoa Joe
    20.Adam Rose
    21.Brock Lesnar
    22.Dean Ambrose (he will be in it for sure)
    23.John Cena
    24.Tyler Breeze
    25.Finn Balor
    26.Bray Wyatt
    27.Dolph Ziggler
    28.AJ Styles (still dreaming here)
    30.Undertaker (why not?)
    31.Triple H (secret of course)

    Or it can be 40 man rumble if wwe wants to jam pack this event, and yes King Barrett is off the list because he has probably dropped off the face of the earth.

    Idk I can dream of this, Reigns will be number 1 most likely , what does everyone else think? Post your ideas for the order!
  2. R-Truth will be entrant number 31
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  3. 1. Roman Reigns
    2. Big Show
    3. Bo Dallas
    4. Stardust
    5. Curtis Axel
    6. Bray Wyatt
    7. Boogeyman
    8. Kofi Kingston
    9. Kevin Owens
    10. Sami Zayn
    11. Curtis Axel
    12. Heath Slater
    13. Big E
    14. Kalisto
    15. RVD
    16. Sheamus
    17. Chris Jericho
    18. Rhyno
    19. Samoa Joe
    20. Erick Rowan
    21. Luke Harper
    22. Brawn Strowman
    23. John Cena
    24. Tyler Breeze
    25. Bubba Ray
    26. D-Von
    27. Dolph Ziggler
    28. Dean Ambrose
    29. Brock Lesnar
    30. The Undertaker
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  4. ^ Normally I'd question why there are so many correlations in your number picks, but since Vince is trying to screw over Roman Reigns, I won't.

    9 - 10 =Kevin/Sami
    11 - 12 = Social Outcast
    20 - 21 - 22 = Wyatt Family
    25 - 26 = The Dudleys
    29 - 30 = Taker/Lesnar
  5. I'm sure Roman Reigns will be forced to enter at #1, since if a champion is to be made to defend his title in the Rumble, it makes sense that he would literally have to survive all of the other 29 entrants from start to finish.
  6. Reigns will probably enter at #1 and I assume Big Slow will be #2. CBA to write all 30 spots, tbh.

    But, I guess #19, #27, #28, #29 or #30 will take the win. Or, Reigns retains.
  7. Number 31 will take the win :pity2:
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  8. And I reckon Trips will be #31 if that is their plan. It's fine by me. Trolling the crowd like that would be nice.
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  9. #1 British Bulldog
    #2 Owen Hart
    #3 Dusty Rhodes
    #4 Chirs Benoit
    #5 Roddy Piper
    #6 Umaga
    #7 Randy Savage
    #8 Ultimate Warrior
    #9 Andre The Giant
    #10 Big Boss Man
    #11 Test
    #12 Hawk
    #13 Eddie Guerrero
    #14 Crash Holly
    #15 Bam Bam Bigelow
    #16 Brian Pillman
    #17 Doink the Clown
    #18 Junkyard Dog
    #19 Mr. Perfect
    #20 Rick Rude
    #21 Sean O'Haire
    #22 Yokozuna
    #23 Killer Kowalski
    #24 Giant Gonzales
    #25 Dr. Death Steve Williams
    #26 Big John Studd
    #27 Bruiser Brody
    #28 Chief Jay Strongbow
    #29 Chris Kanyon
    #30 Viscera
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  10. OIC. That's a Royal Rumble 2016: Return of the Dead edition.
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  11. Savage, Warrior, and Andre in a row is bound to get an enormous pop
  12. Benoit will win it to the grave....
  13. Seriously though there's so many stables.

    4=Roman Empire (Dean & Usos)
    4=League of Nations
    4=Wyatt Family
    4=Extreme Old Men (ECW)
    4=Social Outcast
    3=New Day
    3=Cosmic Wasteland

    That's 26 people already. The remainder are Cena, Lesnar, Jericho, and Big show. Maybe throw in Ziggler and Ryback instead of Tommy Dreamer and Rhyno. Also KO and Neville instead of The Ascension
  14. I picked number #30 in the rumble thread for the forum but I am so hoping they do a #31 and it is HHH.
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  15. @Solidus if this number 31 thing happens then who will win the prize?
  16. Nobody. :Rollins:
  17. ha that would be cruel
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