Royal Rumble Royal rumble for the title???

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by edge4ever, Jan 6, 2016.

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  1. Oh, you didn't know?

    I've seen this coming a mile away.
  2. No and I just realized that another thread has this subject but didn't put it in the title of the thread.... Great.

    Any ways, this is a dumb fucking idea.
  3. I actually called this like a month ago and even then was speaking a little in jest. The idea isn't really as bad as some are making it out to be though, unless Reigns enters at #1 and then goes the distance to win the whole thing.
  4. I have a feeling this might happen. The only person who has a real chance of beating reigns is Brock. Of not him, then maybe a surprise triple h or DB.
  5. My thread topic, not yours and yes, honestly it seems stupid and could be lamely executed
  6. Maybe Roman will enter as #1 and McMahon will enter as #2 and they'll recreate 1999 as well and have Vince go over lol
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  7. I think HHH is going to win and then they will feud till WM when Reigns wins it back.
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  8. Put it in your damn title next time you sexy beast!
  9. I have a feeling triple h will come out and win. The rock will come out and somehow cost Brock.
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  10. I have a feeling Brock will enter.. And kill everyone. Almost break Romans elimination record, then the rock will come out. They'll go toe to toe and the crowd will go nuts. Then, the rock will eliminate him barely because Brock messed up. Then Brock comes back in and F5s him over the top rope. They keep brawling and security has to break them up.
  11. Remember when the WWE used the Rumble to change up storylines, and add an unexpected twist on the RTWM? I don't.

    I felt that this year might be the year that the WWE finally has someone unexpected/new win the Royal Rumble. Since 2013, it's been a cluster fuck of predictable and double win Rumbles. This basically means that Reigns' is winning, and is going to add him to the not-so exclusive list of multi-time winners. I like Reigns' but his push is making me sick.

    I'm actually hoping for a Bryan return and win, because I can't stand anymore of this half-ass booking. For one thing, was there any point on giving away Reigns' big title win on free RAW? Was there any point in having this Rumble? Why not have Reigns vs. Sheamus on the first RAW of the year, have a screwy finish and allow for Vince to insert himself into a Rumble rematch? It would make sense and allow a good old fashioned Rumble. It seems that RAW's rating drop has made WWE, ironically, go full WCW mode.

    All I can say, is that if it's taken 3 years for the WWE to realize that the Rumble needs a shake up, then why do they cry and complain when marks are crying and complaining about the show sucking? I hate to be cliche or to quote Punk, but Vince McMahon and his squad yo-yo goons are old, completely out of touch, backward ass writers. Who lost their ability to book a decent show.

    I'll be watching in spite of myself, but I will be puking too. I have no faith in WWE doing something mildly fathomable, for the time being. I hope that WrestleMania will allow me to be a fan again. But currently, I'm nothing more than a figure on the ratings.
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  12. No way he overcomes these crazy odds. He'd have to be a Superman or something :/
  13. WTF did I just read, Tsar wanting DB to return and WIN?! Unheard of!

    Dude, the Rumble has sucked for the last three years, it's become a yearly tradition. :quimby:I think I'm over it. lol

    DB returning and winning would be a wet dream, but we all know how Vince feels about it. So, I guess no DB till Mania? :okay:

    Man, Reigns winning the title was fine by me, but having it go down on RAW was clearly a desperate ratings ploy, as well as having Vince on RAW almost every week. They want people talking and being like: "HEY, SHIT HAPPENS ON RAW NOW! LET'S CONTINUE TO WATCH."
    I guess it's worked out well for them.

    And even though the Rumble outcome seems way too predictable now that Reigns will have to defend the title in the Rumble match itself, I think I'll be fine with him retaining, as long as the match isn't all of the drizzling shits. If it happens to have Reigns (who's supposedly retaining) taking naps in the corner instead of wrecking people, well, not just him, but all of the participants just doing nothing, then... Shame on you, WWE.

    I'd love to be optimistic about WWE booking the event well, but I've learned from my mistakes that optimism gets you nowhere with this shitty company.
  14. Daniel Bryan returning and winning is almost as likely as Seth Rollins getting a robotic leg and winning.
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  15. Fine, I'll be that guy. Fuck all those ridiculous idea's that DB would ever deserve to come back from all those injuries and MAIN EVENT WM with people caring for anything more than "he better win" regardless of who he faces. DB vs KO would be sweet IMO and i'd love to see DB return and get tossed out by the future of WWE. Reigns is going to be in the co-main event regardless (I assume anything w/ Austin or Taker are going to also do the same, possibly close the show) and I'm all for it. I, for one, cannot wait to hear The Game's theme at #28/29/30.
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