Royal Rumble Royal Rumble Idea

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  1. Not mine, source posted below.

    How. Epic. Is. That?!
  2. It's pretty epic, and with Jeritroll trolling us every week, O could actually see that happening... But it won't. The #30 entrance will be held by yours truly! RKO!!!
  3. When you think about how epic this could be, thinking about Orton winning becomes much less anti-climatic :emoji_slight_frown:. I don't hate Orton at all, I'm a fan, but this happening would be SO good.
  4. Too epic for words.
  5. I think Jericho is going to get it and this would be an epic way. He's won practically everything else so may as well add a rumble win to his CV.
  6. @[Crayo], What would you do if Johnny Ace held the #30 spot in the RR, and ended up winning? That would be epic.
  7. I have huge doubts that WWE are this creative. But it could be a sort of "Jericho wins the Rumble, but if he's not speaking then how do we know who he's going to face?" sort of thing.
  8. I hope Orton get's entree #1 and outlasts 29 other people to win the RR. That would be a dream come true..
  9. He would be the worst winner since Vince imo. It would devalue the Rumble so much having a man who hasn't competed in 12 years win it. Plus what would he do with the title shot?
  10. What's the difference if he was in it, as compared to Mick Foley?
  11. Foley isn't going to win. He's going to be in to set up his mania feud. Johnny Ace being in it wouldn't be the issue it would be him winning.
  12. And the fact Mick Foley is a absolute legendary superstar in WWE, I'd much prefer him than Johnny Ace.

    Neither are winning.
  13. But Johnny Ace, (if he won the rumble), wouldn't be RAW GM anymore would he? Also, with what he did to Mick Foley last night, what do you think the WWE board of driectors will have to say about that? I predict it not ending well for Johnny Ace. So who knows, you might just see him return to the ring once again.
  14. Sure he can. He's not winning it, that idea can sail out of your head now. :boat::boat:

    I'm guessing there's going to be a control angle with Jericho, Ace and Steph. John will be GM for quite a while. He'll face Foley at Wrestlemania I think, for the traditional "old peoples match". This will be perfect if Jericho does win the Rumble, but I can't see it. For me it's Orton who's going to win this year.
  15. :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:
    Glad to see you think I'll win the RR.
  16. I was thinking the exact same thing :emoji_hushed:

    It's new, original, but sadly highly predictable. If they're gonna make Jericho win, it's going to be this way.
  17. I was thinking about this myself, with no one in the ring when #30 enters but my idea goes a little differently. #30 enters the ring, say it's Jericho, thinks he's won it, celebrates like hell, then Big Johnny comes down and says we've got 10 more superstars wanting to enter the Royal Rumble, then the match goes on and Jericho lasts all the way 'til the end when #40 comes out and that's RKO and he wins.

    I should be a booker.
  18. Eh, I think the original idea is better tbh. Just because it plays to Jericho's current persona very well.
  19. I have to say this, I do not give a shit about Jericho and there is no way he is winning the Rumble.

    It's in St Louis and you have a returning Orton. Go figure.
  20. I think the IWC would have a meltdown if this happens. They wouldn't do that and already make Jericho look stupid.

    I don't see how Jericho is "no way winning it" at all, it's highly possible in my opinion. JR rightfully said "people are making way too much about the rumble being in Orton's hometown, it means next to nothing" in his blog (something like that). Though he and I still feel Orton's winning. But I don't see Jericho's chacnes as less to none.