Royal Rumble Royal Rumble Normal and Crazy Predictions

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  1. Once again, I'm doing another PPV crazy and normal predictions. What do you think will happen at Royal Rumble?

    Normal: Randy Orton defeats John Cena and retains.
    Crazy: Chavo returns to win the Royal Rumble.
  2. Normal: Cena wins (lol)
    Crazy: Goldberg returns, spears the fuck out of everyone and wins
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  3. Crazy_ Roman Reigns wins the damn thing :boss:

    Normal_ Daniel Bryan will 100% not win the rumble
  4. Normal: Cena Wins....

    Crazy: Jake 'The Snake' Roberts wins the Royal Rumble.
  5. Normal: Batista wins.

    Crazy: Ryback comes out from under the ring at entry number 30, and beats up Cowboy Bob Orton (Who was entry number 29). Crazy enough for you?
  6. Normal - Orton retains.

    Crazy - countdown for the 30th entrant finishes. A space ship crashes through the arena roof a beam of light appears with a mystical figure inside. E.T. is the last entrant in the rumble and cleans house.
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  7. Normal: Orton retains belt.

    Crazy: Last entry is Jimi Hendrix and he takes out all other 19 entrants with one riff then proceeds to play Hey Joe until Vince gets in the ring and challenges Hendrix for his Rumble spot. Jimi then steps out of the way as Vince goes over the rope and Hendrix retains his spot and goes onto Wrestlemania to defeat Brock Lesnar in a record 4 second match.
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  8. Normal: Orton retains; IDC. Batista wins; Great. Batista v Orton at Mania? meh.

    Crazy: Matt Morgan returns at 27, Chris Nowinski returns at 30; Final 2. Matt Morgan almost over the top, Nowinski kicks Morgan in head, giving him a concussion, Nowinski wins and threatens to give everyone concussions until Benoit is in the HOF

    The crazy prediction honestly ain't that crazy....
  9. Normal: Cena wins... -_-
    Crazy: Daniel Bryan shaves his beard (horribly) and puts the bloody mangled mess under the ring mat. He gets tossed out and attempts to convince the ref that part of him was still in the ring, his chin bleeds all over the official while he holds the clump of hair in his fist..... He leaves the rumble in handcuffs
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  10. Normal: Batista, ADR, Reigns last 3 Standing.. Batista goes to take out ADR and at that moment Roman Reigns tosses both over to win it.
    Crazy: RVD or Christian come back and win RR.
  11. Normal: Lesnar destroys Big Show and writes him off TV.
    Crazy: Sandow drops his robe at ringside when he enters, and shortly afterwards Kofi gets thrown out of the ring onto the robe and avoids elimination because robe =/= floor
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  12. Normal: A high rated superstar wins

    Crazy: An underdog wins.
  13. Normal: Cena beats Orton after 5 2 counts

    Crazy: Rollins Reigns and Ambrose last 3 in.
  14. Normal: Daniel Bryan wins the Rumble
    Somewhat crazy: Reigns breaks Kane's single rumble elimination record.
  15. Normal: Orton Retains the title.

    Crazy: Roman Reigns comes out dressed in Sin Cara's Mask and wins the rumble which results in Sin Cara headlining Wrestlemania.
  16. Normal: Orton retains, NAO become tag champs, Lesnar destroys Show, Bryan beats Wyatt

    Crazy: Steve Blackmon comes out as a surprise entrant and eliminates Batista, Reigns, and Punk single-handed.
  17. Normal: Orton retains

    Crazy: Khali win the Royal Rumble
  18. Normal: Damien Sandow Wins the RR, while setting the Iron Man record and Most Eliminations record.
    Crazy: Anyone But Damien Sandow Wins the RR such as CM Punk or Batista.
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  19. Normal: Brock Lesnar reverses the WMD into the Kimura Lock on the apron.
    Crazy: Mark Henry wins the Rumble.
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