Royal Rumble Royal Rumble (part-time) Returns?

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  1. The Royal Rumble is almost there, and I'm wondering who you'd like to see returning for one night, or fully return to the roster.

    My picks:

    Jake Roberts (maybe)
    John Morrison
    Evan Bourne
    Shelton Benjamin
    Bobby Lashley

    3..2..1.. GO!
  2. Jericho's band don't have any dates until June. So there's that.
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  3. How can I forget.... :dawg:
  4. If Lesnar or Batista were in the Rumble, their appearance should be hyped up, not wasted as a surprise entrance. Hulk Hogan as a surprise entrant would be great though, as would Goldberg coming out much to the shock and surprise of Ryback. The rest you listed I can do with or without either way.

    if Jericho is freed up for the moment, I'd rather see him return to challenge Randy Orton for the world title (a battle of the two undisputed champions) than just make another surprise appearance in the Rumble.
  5. I've thought bout this alot I'd rather stick with full timers and no returns to push future talent this year. But meh wont happen so I suppose we'll be seeing Lesnar, Jericho, and RVD.
  6. I doubt Brock goes in actually, I don't expect to see him that early.
  7. I expect Bork to interfere in the title match, and jericho being the opponent vs Orton to get cheated would be great, i'd love to hear him tear Brock Lesnar and Heyman apart on the promo before a MNR match between him and Lesnar where he loses clean.

    I expect to see Batista (obvious now) Jericho, hopefully Hogan but seeing him walk IDK if i can believe it, and other than that the badass billy gunn or Road Dogg would be great, Booker T? and anyone else who can actually still move. No Jake Roberts please, none of those old decrepit fossils.
  8. I'd really love to see Shelton Benjamin, Bobby Lashley, and John Morrison. Good picks.
  9. Bobby Lashley I would mark for, Chris Jericho is one I would suspect, Jake the Snake would be a great one just to see for me and I would mark hard for Diamond Dallas Page.

    Bob Backlund and Sgt Slaughter are just as likely. Sorry to hate just, who wants to see any old half cripple not named Terry entering the Rumble?
  11. Partly because my family met Jake the Snake in his prime.
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  12. I can respect that but you were probably drinking bottles and eating mashed carrots at that time.
  13. And shitting diapers :tough:
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  14. some things never change.
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  15. There's a good story attached, WWE saved the dude's life. Putting him in there for like 30 seconds would be pretty cool. No more than that, please
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  16. so put him on the pre-show commentary with the other legends.
  17. Was he ever much of a talker?
  18. Id bet my life he talks better than he takes a shot over the ropes and onto the ground.
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  19. Wouldnt mind DDP
    Would like morrison and Benjamin to be back.
    Batista and Y2,J will likely be there as well
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